'Bones' Recap: Episode 7.7 – "Prisoner in the Pipe"

I hate waiting for new episodes of shows that decide to go on hiatus mid-season. It kills me, puts me on edge. Especially after an episode such as “Crack in the Code.” Granted, I’m well aware Emily Deschanel needed to have some kind of maternity leave after having her child, but I hated waiting three long months to then be massively disappointed.

Sweets after his attempted romp with Daisy.

“Prisoner in the Pipe” was such a let down episode in my opinion. Despite the fact I was really looking forward to a continuation of “Crack in the Code,” most of the acting seemed force and fake, and the story was completely contrived and unrealistic. It seemed as if the episode wasn’t really focused on the case, but more on the relationships within the show.  For instance, I found myself shipping Hodgins and Daisy at the end of the episode … WHAT?! WHY?! HOW?! The writers decided it would be fun to put those two together for a bulk of the episode and have them flirt with each other. Weird and unrealistic, in my opinion. Plus Daisy and Sweets attempting to have sex in Bones’ office? Yeah, that was weird. There was lots of weird in this episode.

In regards to the whole Bones/Booth dynamic of this episode, Emily Deschanel was superb as always. David Boreanaz not so much. We, the audience, get that your character is catholic. But you don’t have to do a Hail Mary every time you walk by a cross. We’re educated, we get it. Also, the whole ‘hospital birth’ argument got a little old. I understand they were building it up for the actual birth later in the episode, but it was still annoying.

Christine Angela Booth is born.

Even though there was a TON wrong with this episode there was one moment that really stuck out in this episode: the birthing scene. Bones giving birth…in a barn…on hay. After being told there was no “room in the inn.” Could it have gotten any more lame/cheesy? I get they were building up this birth with the constant argument of hospital vs. home birth…but REALLY?! It was completely unrealistic that they wouldn’t just drive the extra ten miles to a hospital or that someone wouldn’t drive from the hospital. Where was her midwife? I’m assuming she would have had one if she was having a home birth. I just find it lacking credibility and just plain stupid. Plus Hodgins comment at their home, “Worthy of a manger?” Yeah. I wanted to turn the TV off.

‘Bones’ better redeem itself in the next episode. I want more action. I want more drama. I want more sexual tension between SOMEONE. I get that having a child dilutes the story and makes it impossible for anything to be “dangerous.” I just wonder if they will pick up the story with Christopher Pelant or wait a few episodes so that the “new” parents can get into the swing of things. I’m crossing my fingers for more danger.  I guess we shall see tonight.

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