‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Episode 12.7 Recap “Take a Walk”


Task #1

The Task: To create a great New York Celebrity Guidebook and sell it to raise money for charity. The team who has the best guidebook would win an additional amount of money, but the team who raised the most amount of money would win.

Project Managers: Teresa Giudice for the Women’s team and Dee Snider for the Mens

Dayana, Aubrey, and Teresa checking out one of the many pictures they took

Women’s Team Concept and Execution: The women went out to get pictures of their favorite locations for the guidebooks. Their vision for this task was to take pictures of themselves at their favorite locations in New York. They got off to a rocky start when Aubrey, Dayana and Teresa stopped to take hundreds of pictures of themselves around New York, which took up a bigger chunk of time than was planned for. When the three women finally got back and met up with the rest of the team, Lisa Lampanelli was outraged! She needed to get the guidebook set up with the graphic designer and thought the amount of time and pictures they had taken was ridiculous. She was so upset with the amount of work she now had to do that it brought her to tears. Lisa’s crycount: 2.

Working together, they were able fight their way through to finish their books on time and event began. They had to sell as many books as they could for as high of a price they could. Problem is, things started out slow. I think part of their problem is that they just aren’t as recognizable celebrities as the men are. Slowly but surely things started to pick up and the money started rolling in. Dayana, who is always on her game with donations, had large amounts of money rolling in, as well as Michael Andretti stopping by with $7,000.

Lou Ferrigno working hard at sell guidebooks

Men’s Team Concept and Execution: The guys took longer to create a concept for their task. Clay Aiken had some great ideas, but they were quickly shot down by Dee Snider, the project manager, who would rather have gone with Penn Jilltette’s Ideas. Their concept was to take pictures with neighborhoods that they have a connection with. Unlike the women, the men’s team execution went rather smoothly. They worked together, got pictures quickly and partook in some playful wrestling.

When it was time to start selling their guidebooks, money started flowing in rather quickly. They started getting large amounts of money including Michael Andretti showing up with a $20,000 check (Thirteen thousand dollars more than he donated to the women). Although everything was running quite smoothly, things got shook up with the arrival of the Blue Man Group. They were there to put on a show right outside where the men were selling their guidebooks, and essentially draw in a large crowd. Since the Blue Man Group is not really able to handle money themselves, they filled two balloons with $4,000 each and popped them towards where the men were selling their guidebooks. Money went flying everywhere! The men tried as hard as they could to collect all the money flying around the streets, but with people grabbing money and keeping it for themselves, so this became nearly impossible! Once they managed to clean the money off the streets, time was almost up! They had done great in the challenge but Arseino’s large check from Jay Leno had not arrived yet. Time was up and only seconds later Arsenio’s check had finally arrive, but he was not able to accept it. Because of his late check he

The Blue Man Group at the Men's task!

ended up raising $0 for this task putting him in the hot seat.

Back in the boardroom: The women were at each other’s throats… once again. They had not even found out who won yet, and already they were fighting and screaming at each other. The men were virtually silent almost the entire time, only speaking slightly about the mishap with the Blue Man Group. Trump announced to the teams that Regis Philbin had helped him decide which team had the better guidebook, and he decided that he liked how personal the women’s book was so they had won the money! Don’t get too excited yet women, you only get the money if you won the task and have raise more money then the men. Trump then reveled that something has happened in the apprentice that has never happened before. One team had won the task buy only $14! In the end the men once again pulled ahead, and were safe from being fired

And the fired celebrity is: Debra for raising the least amount of money out of the three women who were brought back into the boardroom. Although, Trump did admit that if Aubrey was brought back, she was the one who would have been fired for raising the least amount of money on the women’s team.

Thoughts: This is a two-task episode, so I cannot express enough how much I want the two teams to be switched up. I’m sick of seeing women fight the entire way through the challenge.

Task #2

The teams waiting to be switched up

Task: Before I begin explaining what the task is, I want to express how excited I am that trump finally switched up the teams!  On team Forte we have: Lou, Dee, Lisa, Penn, Dayana and on team Unanimous we have Paul, Clay, Arsenio, Aubrey and Teresa.

The task at hand is to promote a new program called Walk With Walgreens, a program trying to influence people to walk thirty minutes a day. The teams are to create a live interactive event, promoting Walk with Walgreens as well as a new design for their message kit.

Team Forte concept and executions: As a task all about exercising and fitness, it seemed perfect for Lou Ferrigno to step up and be project manager. Even Lisa Lampenelli admitted she is a lifetime couch potato so Lou would be a better fit.  The concept was clear and was decided on quickly and it was to be, things you can do while walking. So they all wrote down things that could easily be done while walking. They put it on their message kit and called it a day.

Everything for this new team seemed to be working out fine, but during rehearsal for the live event, Lisa Lampanelli became seriously frustrated with her team, once again. She felt like she had to take over the whole team because Lou doesn’t do anything. She got so frustrated that her cry count is now up to three!

Team Forte setting up!

During the live show, everything was going great. Lou and Lisa and the rest of the team put together a fantastic presentation that used their celebrities well and turned out to be really funny. They used what they were known for to present what they can do while walking. For instance, Dayana who won miss universe talked about how she has to practice walking a lot for pageants. Everything went really well until Penn made the ultimate error and referred to Walgreens as Wal-Mart! Can the team recover in the boardroom? Keep reading to find out!

Team Unanimous concept and executions: I would like you to meet team Unanimous’s task manager: Aubrey O’day… oops I mean Arsenio Hall. From the get go, Aubrey left Arsenio in the dust and took over the whole challenge! Arsenio Hall, who didn’t like Aubrey before the challenge for sure cant stand her now. Their (and by their I mean Aubrey’s) concept was to take pictures of their faces at Walgreens, and say why walking was so important to them. For their presentation, they decided to incorporate it into a game show to present the information.

At the live presentation, they handed out colored t-shirts to people in the crowd and the color was supposed to represent the team that they were on. Then Arsineo would spin a wheel and the celebrities would answer informative questions about walking. Boring! Even the Walgreens judges agreed that this was too informative and nobody really knew what was going on.

Aubrey and Arsenio fight it out

Back in the boardroom: Both teams were given a chance to look at the other team’s promotional kit they have created. Team Unanimous hated everything about team Fortes kit, although team Forte loved the team Unanimous kit. For the record, I’m not sure what Walgreens meant by ‘kit’ because it was just a box with pictures on it.. but I digress. After viewing the boxes Arsenio and Aubrey got in a heated argument about how selfish Aubrey is. The argument went on and on and even when Trump announced that their team had won the fight continues. Instead of going back with the rest of the team, Aubrey chose to leave the game. She did not want to put up with all the arguing anymore. Big mistake! I love Aubrey, I think she is one of the strongest women in the game. I’m sad to see her leave and secretly hoping that she changes her mind and comes back for the next episode (although I know she wont!)

And the Fired Celebrity is: Dee Snider. Finally I do not like that guy. I don’t think he added to the task as much as other player, and just because he is a nice guy, he’s stuck around. The ultimate decision for his firing was the promotion kit or box for lack of word. Their team lost because Team Unanimous had a better promotion kit and the Judges did not like Fortes kit at all. So long Snider!

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