The 4th Annual Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt

It’s Easter time again, and you know what that means? Time for Tony Hawk‘s own version of a worldwide Easter egg hunt; Tony Hawk style.

Items that may be hidden in this year’s twitter hunt!

In 2008, Tony joined twitter as a means to connect to his fans and give back, but he did not just stop there. On his way to work one day, he hid a skateboard behind the bush and tweeted its location. By the time he got to work, it was found! This created excitement not only for the fans, but for Tony as well. Tony loved it so much that in 2009 he created a full out twitter treasure hunt. He and a team of his friends hid skateboards and sweatshirts and guitars and everything imaginable, and tweeted clues for the location of the items.

This year, the treasure hunt is on April 15th. In this hunt he is giving away: skateboards, bikes, guitars, shoes, video games, hats, stickers, and much much more! Keep and eye on out on his twitter for clues for the location of the items. If you happen to find it, tweet Tony Hawk @tonyhawk with the city and state you found it in, along with the word FOUND in all caps so he sees it. Keep an eye out on our twitter @honestreviewcnr and we will be posting updates as well! Happy hunting!

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