'The Vampire Diaries': Recap of Episode 3.19 “Heart of Darkness”

I love everything about TVD and eagerly await every new episode.  What I hate about TVD is how watching a 42-minute episode  can feel like a mere five minutes.  Not to mention how a two week break can feel more like two months.  After a brief hiatus (brief for the crew but prolonged for us fans), TVD is back.

Filled with its usual suspense, action, and cliffhanger endings, the latest episode doesn’t disappoint.  Only this time, it includes a new twist, some hot hook-ups, and the return of Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy Gilbert.

Stefan and Alaric

Alaric, under the watchful eye of Stefan, is banished to the Salvatore basement in an attempt to bring out his darker vampire-hating psycho self and have him admit to the whereabouts of the missing stake. But Alaric’s psycho self refuses to come out and play, so Stefan resorts to violence in an attempt to draw him out.  And it works.  With a bloody face and a flash of evil eyes, Alaric’s alter ego rears his head.  And boy, does he hate vampires.  With a little more violence and a lot more blood, Stefan receives his answer.  The stake is hidden in the cave where no vampire can enter.  Smart.  Isn’t it ironic how Stefan’s mission has been to find a weapon to destroy Klaus and now that he has, he’s hell-bent on destroying the weapon in order to protect Klaus … and himself and Damon?

Caroline and Tyler

Just loved the sexy hook-up in the woods with Tyler and Caroline.  That’s one sexy vampire/hybrid couple who makes a heated love scene in an underground cave look hot. It will be interesting to see if Tyler’s journey in the mountains has broken his sire bond to Klaus. Caroline fills Tyler in on the bloodline discovery and about the Salvatore brothers’ intention to kill Klaus if he’s not linked to their bloodline.  Klaus’s death would put an end to all vampires sired by him, including Tyler.  Talk about selling a friend down the river.  Hopefully the Salvatore brothers figure something out in order to keep Klaus and Tyler around.  Is a truce even possible between this villain and those intent on killing him? Pity about the way things end with Tyler and Caroline after their sweet reunion … I mean, really, one misplaced Klaus sketch, a vague suspicion, and suddenly, all bets are off and he leaves?

Damon, Elena, Jeremy

Encouraged by Stefan, Damon and Elena embark on a road trip to find Jeremy in hope that he’s able to reach Rose and assist them in tracking down their vamp bloodline.  They find Jeremy playing baseball and he’s made a new friend – Kol.  One angry vampire with a bone to pick, a vicious swing of the bat, and Damon on the receiving end of his fury.  Poor Damon.  He turns around and BAM!  I was impressed with his quick recovery.  In one fluid movement, he sidesteps Kol’s next attack, and spears him with the broken baseball bat.  Dead, but not for long.  Go Damon!

Damon, Rose, Jeremy, Elena

Rose appears and she’s as gorgeous as ever.  And like so many Delena fans, she’s rooting for Damon and Elena.  Enter Jeremy’s disapproving frown.  A vampire called Mary Porter – or Scary Mary as Damon calls her – sired Rose.  Unfortunately, by the time they track down Mary, Kol has already paid her a visit – with a stake to the heart.  Kol attacks Damon with a baseball bat.  Again.  Seriously, leave the man alone. He’s had his ass kicked enough this season!  The originals are on to Damon’s quest to discover who their blood descendants are and once again, they’re a step ahead.  Kill the trail of descendants – like Mary, and kill any chances the Salvatore brothers have of finding whose bloodline they were sired from, and all the originals get to live.  Clever.

Damon and Elena

Another sexy hook-up tonight was one many fans have been waiting for – Damon and Elena.  Not that they’re officially “together” yet, but they did share a very special moment in the motel room.  And no one does pillow talk like Damon and Elena.  A little honesty, sizzling chemistry, heated looks, and many unspoken words.  We’ve seen so many sides to Damon over the last three seasons, but he’s proved himself a solid friend to Elena during Season 3. Although Elena’s love for Stefan has never wavered, she’s struggled with her growing attraction towards Damon.  It was great to finally see them together and their kiss must have sent many pulses racing.  Their passion, the mysterious motel, and the music … wow.   And then … JEREMY!  Grrr.  Did he have to bust them?

Many hopes were dashed when the road trip ends with an argument between Damon and Elena.  No more kissing, nothing resolved.  The love triangle between the Salvatore brothers and Elena lives on.  Damon questions her motives behind the trip and she admits she doesn’t know what she’s feeling.  She fears his destructive side and his knack for messing things up.  Made me wonder if she’d been hoping he’d screw up on the trip to swing her decision?  But he doesn’t, so her inner confusion lingers.

Rose and Jeremy

Rose appears to Jeremy in the car on the drive back and sheds some light on Elena’s emotional turmoil over the Salvatore brothers.  She explains that Damon challenges and surprises Elena whilst Stefan’s love is pure and good for her.  Have to love Rose and her light.

Stefan has had a wild ride of transformation this season and it’s been interesting to see the full depth of his character.  He’s fought his demons, beat his blood lust issues and he’s back in control.  Loved the way he stands up to Klaus and tells him to get out of his house. Have to admit, it was nice to see Klaus speechless for a change.

Esther / Rebekah

And in true TVD fashion, the episode ends with a whopper of twist and another cliffhanger.  Just as I was wondering what the purpose of Esther’s brief appearance was before her quick death in Rebekah’s arms, Mamma Original returns – in the body of Rebekah.  After revealing herself to Alaric’s alter ego in the vampire-free cave, she joins forces with him.  Interesting alliance.  A new villain, with Alaric as her sidekick, out to destroy all originals, her own children, and end the vampire race.  That’s one crazy, determined Mamma.  Will this mean that Klaus and his siblings will have to team up with the Salvatore brothers in order to beat Esther?

One thing’s for sure … I’m counting down the days until the next episode of TVD!


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