Top 5 CW Shows with Die Hard Fan Bases

The CW is a network that proves quality DOES matter more than quantity. Although the CW is the underdog in network viewer numbers, it has some of the most loyal fans ever. ‘One Tree Hill’, which was a popular scripted drama on the network just finished it’s nine year run. Although ‘One Tree Hill’ didn’t always have the viewers other shows did, it was the only scripted show that began in 2003 and lasted until 2012. It lasted nine seasons because of the fans and the viewers. Below is our list of CW shows that have the best and most loyal fans. These shows would truly be nothing without their fans!

Here’s where we need your help! We have come up with the top five CW shows with the biggest fan bases. Vote on your favorite below, and give a reason why. The winning TV show will become May’s TV show of the month!

The Secret Circle

One word: Witches. We can all thank ‘Charmed’ for our love of witches, and luckily, now a new generation can have a show centered on witches once again. ‘The Secret Circle’ has it all. Great special effects, witchcraft, attractive teenagers, romance, voodoo, interesting story line, etc. You cannot help but become enchanted by ‘TSC’. Adam and Jake both have me under their spells. Did I mention attractive teenagers and romance?


If you didn’t catch enough of ‘90210’ the first time around, here’s your second chance. This show is a great combination of comedy and drama that people of all ages can come to love. The best part of this show is that it gets better as the seasons go on! Make sure you keep watching as this show has so much left to give.

Gossip Girl

‘OC’ fans desperately needed a new group of wealthy kids to follow after the show ended, ‘Gossip Girl’ landed in our laps. Not only was it created by Josh Schwartz, the same brains behind the ‘OC’, but it also has witty dialogue and incorporates music into its episodes. Chuck, Blair, Nate, Serena and Dan will forever be my upper east side family. You know you love this show. XOXO HRC


‘Supernatural’ isn’t just about paranormal investigations and hot guys, it’s about a broken family and hot guys.  Two brothers who are just trying their best to avenge their mother’s death. All the characters, even the minor ones are well developed (pun intended) and complex. It has funny, sad and frightening moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout each episode.

The Vampire Diaries

We can all thank ‘Twilight’ for our renewed love of vampires and werewolves, fortunately, the CW jumped on that paranormal train to satisfy our craving. ‘TVD’ is the CWs most popular show, and why shouldn’t it be? It has gorgeous main characters, an extremely talented female lead, and twists and turns that no one ever anticipates. The writing is top notch and the triangle romance is a crucial  part of the story line. No matter what your team is on ‘TVD’, you cannot help but tune in weekly to see what will happen next in Mystic Falls and to the characters.

Which CW show are you a die hard fan for? Vote below, and the winning show will be featured on our site in May! If you want to write recaps for any of these shows email us at and we will let you know what shows are still available! 

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  1. If TVD has such a die hard fan base, why is it losing to the best show on TV, Supernatural, 14% to 63%??? 89% of people who watch one episode of Supernatural, just one, come back for more! 89%! Is there another CW show which can boast that kind of audience loyalty?

    1. “If TVD has such a die hard fan base, why is it losing to the best show on TV, Supernatural” — I couldn’t have said it better! Polls all over the internet tend to reflect the same thing time and time again. Whether SPN fans just like to vote in polls and show the passion of the fan base or what, obviously SPN fans can more than double their ‘passion’ in the votes here against the TVD fan base.

  2. supernatrual because- “up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well… isn’t that kinda the whole point?”

  3. Supernatural of course!! I just wished the CW would care more about the Supernatural fans, and maybe even show them some respect.

    1. Actually, Jared and Jensen both said the new CW president, Mark Pedowitz, is a big fan of the show, unlike former president Dawn Ostroff, who “just didn’t get it.” (In Jensen’s words. Jared went even further.)

  4. Supernatural has been a very underrated show for years. But once again this fandom will put the show on it’s back, and do what we have to do.

  5. Supernatural really should be #1 on this list. Its fans are seriously the most diehard, loyal fans ever. We love our show!

  6. I love how coming here makes me feel awesome, as opposed to going to school and having people make fun of me for liking SPN =^.^=

    1. I can’t believe in that, Really? they make fun of you??? For God’s sake, let me see, they prefer twilight or something?? Oh come on, thats so unfair….

  7. I have to say, I watch every show on this list (except 90210) but only Supernatural stands out as one that is clearly, overwhelmingly “passionate.” Vampire Diaries may come close, but it is definitely not above SPN. SPN has an awesome cast, fantastic writing, a loyal fan base — and even without the promotion that is given to the rest of these shows (all one has to do is see how much promotion is poured into TVD, 90210, Gossip Girl, even Secret Circle, in comparison to SPN) — SPN is still able to maintain its passionate and loyal fans. Even with the fans are ‘complaining’ about an episode or a story line — that, in and of itself — is passionate. If people didn’t care about the characters, the stories, they wouldn’t care if things “went wrong” or a particular episode “fell flat” or whatever it may be. They would just be “eh, whatever” about it. But the feelings an SPN episode can produce — whether positive or negative — always tend to be extreme. And that, right there, is the definition of a passionate fan base. Far more so than any other show that the CW (and a lot of other networks on TV as well) hold in their arsenal. (Not to mention the people’s choice awards that the fans of SPN will gain for the show, the TV Guide covers the fans will vote to gain, and any other numerous amount of polls the fans will rally around to vote for.) How many other shows can, truly, say the same?

  8. Supernatural obviously. The CW should pay the cast and fans equally the amount of respect they deserve, and one small simple way of doing that ( A NEW Promo and for God’s sake new Promotional Photo shoots) I mean how much is the network pouring into promoting TVD and others is beyond me!!
    Yes the fans are extremely loyal and really good at promoting the show & bringing in more viewers but the CW must do it’s job as a network too… Duh!!

    1. I totally agree with you…And another thing who is the show that sell a lot of boxes???Let me guess Supernatural, right? I have to say this again, this isn’t a competition.

  9. I don’t watch Supernatural but I voted for them because I’ve never seen a more loyal fanbase. If this poll was which was my favourite I’d choose TVD.

  10. I think the Supernatural fandom has more than proved itself the most committed, dedicated, hard-working, voting, giving group of fans ever. It’s a testament to the show’s excellence and the inclusive nature of everyone involved with it!

  11. Supernatural is the clear winner simply because it’s fanbase is the best. I have never felt more at home or more welcomed. The CW gives us the shaft but we keep coming back anyways because we know how fabulous this cast and crew is. Kick it in the ass, fandom.

  12. I believe that Supernatural should be number 1 on the list and here’s why: Though Vampire Diaries gets a bit better ratings, Supernatural fans have proven over and over again that they are the most loyal and dedicated to their show. We beat out top rated shows, and Vampire Diaries to win both the People’s Choice awards for favorite Sci Fi/Fantasy show and the big one, Favorite Network TV Drama. Now that’s die hard if I’ve ever seen it. To beat out shows that have five times the viewership? Come on, no other show should be at number 1 when it comes to die hard fans!!!

  13. Supernatural of course!!! The actor are great, the writers are great, and the show…come on the best tv show EVER!!!

  14. This is really a competition?? Let me see who winner Tv guide last year and this year?? Who Winner TWO People Choice awards, leaving behind Good Wife, The Vampire Diaries and let me see… HOUSE??? I know the Cbs not even invited our guys, but it’s ok, next year we will make Jensen, Jared, Misha or Jim the best actor too.

    After all, we are a Supernatural Family forever!!!

  15. Um, Supernatural. Forget the content of the show, this isn’t what this is about (thankfully. I think we can all admit that they’ve made a few mistakes.), this is about the fan base, which is literally the most amazing fandom I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. We’ve rallied the voters and gotten this show nominated for so many things–no one’s forgotten the People’s Choice Awards, right? Two of them? And on the other side of our rabid fan-ness, there’s the fact that…holy crap, we’re not all rabid fans! We have an actual respect for the show, and the actors, and the writers and directors and everyone else in the entire crew. We don’t just sit in our rooms drooling over actors because they’re sexy, we sit in our rooms drooling over them…well, yes, because they’re sexy, but also because of their amazing talent and because we actually respect them as people, along with everyone else who works on the show. We travel to conventions and stay up sewing our own cosplays, we watch the whole series for meticulous details and spend hours analyzing a two-second clip! And, seriously, have you seen any of the art for this fandom? The amount of work that goes into the stories and drawings is just mind-blowing. And if I bring in the charity work that we’ve done under the guidance of Misha, and recently, Jared…well, I could be here all day.
    Tl;dr, Supernatural should be #1, no doubt about it. Luckily votes are reflecting that fact.

  16. Supernatural all the way. The fan base is so passionate about it, none of these shows can likely compare fanbases to SPN’s.

  17. Supernatural hands down. We have the best fanbases we win everything we can for the show. We go above and beyond for charities in honor of the actors of show. We love our little show, and we show it.. I am so proud to be part of this fanbase….

  18. I love how this isn’t really about the number one spot… the question REALLY is, ‘what show comes in second after Supernatural?’ Because, obviously, Supernatural’s fans are all absolutely insane. I love my family. ^_^

  19. Supernatural all the way! I can’t believe you put it at number 2. You must not know the SPN fandom at all. And like others have said, we’re a family.

  20. Supernatural has the best fandom. We are crazy, obsessively devoted and love our show to the ‘nth degree. And in return we get two guys (Jensen and Jared) who pay us back 10-fold, with their rock-solid performances and their willingness to travel around to conventions to meet their fans. We are more like a Supernatural family and our show, yes, it is OUR show, is the best that their is out there.

  21. Gossip Girl!!…………Just kidding! Supernatural, of course, silly! No need to outline why – I think it’s pretty obvious. Our bark and our bite are both pretty vicious. SPN fans are loud and proud!

  22. How many other fan bases can raise the same amount of money that Supernatural fans do? we do this to support the good causes our actors do. If this isn’t loyalty and support as a family then show me what is.

  23. I love SPN, TVD, TSC and GG. But seriously, what the fuck is all this crap about SPN fans being the most diehard fans? Have you met the TVD fandom? If you’re really such loyal and supportive fans, which I believe you are, you wouldn’t waste time on checking how loyal and supportive TVD fans are. So you don’t know that.
    Second of all, don’t be so worked up about that list. No matter what show’s on number 1, it’s not going to change anything. Supernatural is an incredible show, with amazing storylines and characters, and this poll has no influence on that. So, get over it.
    Third of all, we don’t have Twilight to thank for TVD. It’s the other way around. Get your facts right!

  24. Supernatural has done something that no other show has done and thats produce a family, a real family. The cast, crew and fandom get on very well and we support each other. Like families we may not always agree with everything we see, hear or read, but we still have each others back. We’re very loyal to our show and lets face it…all other fandoms know that about us too. That’s why we win all the polls….and this years PCA in two catagories

  25. TVD, TSC & Supernatural.. They have ta be th BEST shows out there.. & Cant forget The Ringer :)) Second season PLEASE :D!!

  26. I’m not really sure the person who wrote this did any research. Forget CW, I’m not sure there is a TV show on any station that has a crazier following than Supernatural.

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