4 'Supernatural' Moments No One is Letting you Forget Anytime Soon

Every show has moments or scenes that will stick with you for weeks or months or even years–ridiculously clever jokes, heart-touching family schmoop or that one character death that you couldn’t stop crying about for weeks.

‘Supernatural’ has plenty of those, too (especially in the ‘death’ category), but that’s not really what this article is about. These are the moments that you may have forgotten about by this point, if it weren’t for the fact that the fandom will not stop talking about them.

Swan Song — The Most Important Object in the Universe.


I think we can all agree that the season 5 finale was absolutely stunning, even if only for the contrast between the usual style of storytelling and the narration we got from


Chuck. But besides that, the massive wood whiplash and beautiful storytelling, this episode revealed that the fans have a crush on the Impala big enough to rival Dean Winchester himself.

The episode focuses on the Winchester’s car, eventually coming around to it freeing Sam from Lucifer (if you haven’t seen it, just don’t ask). And during the story, we get some amazing shots of the Impala and a ton of narration about its influence in the Winchester’s life, Chuck dropping a line about the Impala being “the most important object in the history of the universe.”

The fans went wild–visual graphics from the episode have just about a 99% chance of having that line plastered over the front of it (though they do look amazing, don’t take me wrong) and the fans’ love affair with the Impala came to light in a way that might make Dean uncomfortable.

And that’s saying something.

Hello, Cruel World — The Overcoat


Castiel going Leviathan was memorable enough; I don’t think anyone’s forgotten Misha Collins’ take on the monsters, even if it was only a few minutes before he began his mindless hobble to the water, black whatever-it-was oozing from his face. And there’re references enough to that in both the show and fandom, but what people really love bringing up is Castiel’s coat.


Yes, his coat, which somehow made its way to the shore after the Leviathans found refuge in the lake. I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen screenshots of the scene, but I do know that no one is ever forgetting that Kim Rhodes was in that episode.

Why? Because her name showed up in the credits right as Dean is making his my-friend-just-died-and-I’m-trying-not-to-cry face after picking up the coat, and that clip features in fan videos abound.

It’s such a fan favorite because it shows that self-proclaimed “non-sentimental” Dean actually does have a connection to the fallen angel, despite his apparent apathy during the whole going-God thing. The scene with the coat wasn’t even scripted–Jensen Ackles just knew that his character wouldn’t leave something that important to him behind.

So, it ended up being one of the few glimpses we get into Dean’s carefully guarded heart, and really, how could the fans not love that?

The French Mistake — Basically the Entire Episode.


Switching gears here into the land of hilarity, which Supernatural (despite its tendency to break viewer’s hearts) does surprisingly well. But, there’s humor, and then

If you’ve never seen this shot before, you’re not a part of the Supernatural fandom.

there’s The French Mistake.

Where do I even start? I could go on and on, but I doubt any of you really want to read that. Basically, in this episode, Sam and Dean get sent to an alternate universe, where Supernatural is a TV show and they’re played by actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Yeah, no kidding.

So throughout the entire episode, Sam and Dean are bewildered by their behind-the-scenes lives, find out that they’re horrible actors, order parts of dead people off the Internet, and make fun of everyone’s names. (“Misha? Really?”)

And I have no doubt that there are people out there that can quote almost the entire episode by heart. Wander into any fan community and you’ll find at least a few pictures from it, guaranteed. Mostly of Misha Collins playing his character Misha Collins (not to be mistaken for the actual Misha), because people are in love with him panicking in the front seat of his car. Oh, and his sweater, also.

The French Mistake was definitely not a mistake on the part of the Supernatural crew.

Mystery Spot — Today is Tuesday…


Say it with me now; “But yesterday was Tuesday, too!”

I’m not even going to put the lyrics here.

I’ve touched on it before, but it serves saying again–who can resist an episode that turns character death into something giggle-inducing? And Sam’s bewilderment at the beginning is something that no fan can pass up, as evidenced by…well, everything.

When I say I see a shot of this episode every single week, I mean I literally see it every single Tuesday, without fail. I guess it helps to have a relation to a day of the week, which have reputations of showing up every seven days or so, but there’s also the fact that the episode was absolutely hilarious (when it wasn’t extremely sad), and if there’s one thing Supernatural fans need, it’s comic relief.

But, honestly, it doesn’t matter in the end how good the episode was, as long as you give us one good line to quote from it.

Seriously, we’ll latch onto anything; with the show going the way it is now, we take what we can get.

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