5 Predictions for the Season 1 Finale of 'Once Upon A Time'

Henry Has Two Mommies

What with Emma’s ‘snatch and run’ brand of mothering, I’m guessing that Henry’s custody and parental future is going to be front and center in the end of the season.  As he’s currently out for the count, it’s going to be up to Emma and Regina to figure things through together.  An uneasy alliance will be formed between them.   Hopefully it won’t come to blows (again).  Although, if it does, I for one wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Madam Mayor and Sheriff Swan duke it out.  It’s about time all that tension between those two amounted to something.  And if they’re not going to kiss, a fight is probably the next best thing…

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

So this show hinges on people not remembering who they are or where they’re from.  Apart from Gold and Regina, nobody else seems to have any inkling of their true origins (I can’t really count August as he’s slowly turning into this year’s version of Mannequin).  I think someone, at least, is going to remember who they really are by the end of the season.  Graham got his memory back by kissing Emma.  So she’s either going to liplock with a whole lot of people, or something drastic will cause them to regain their memories.  Maybe not all, but some, for sure.  On that note, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if this show attempted to mess with our heads in the style of LOST.  The writers have already shown us that their previous incarnations aren’t so hard to shake off.  Although I suspect LOST might have done it better…

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Henry in a coma

I had a whole bunch of theories that were basically ruined by the ending of last week’s episode.  Then I had a whole bunch of new theories when I remembered that the show’s creators worked on LOST, which regularly liked to take my mind and inject it with televisual hypnotic drugs so that I never knew what the hell was really going on.  Henry is, to all intents and purposes, in a coma.  And a sneak peek from next week has Mary Margaret reading to him from The Book.  So…what if Season 1 is all Henry’s dream?  What if Storybrooke isn’t real at all?  What if it’s all been a figment of Henry’s imagination while his brain has been asleep?  What if, indeed.  It just might be that Season 2 takes us somewhere else entirely.  In which case, I’d miss Regina’s Gucci suits, assuming they may not have them in an Alt!Universe.

I Will Always Find You

Snow and Charming.  Mary Margaret and David.  These two HAVE to get together at some point, right?  Whether it’s in their Storybrooke incarnations or whether it’s that they recognize one another from their former lives, I think we’re going to see a reunion of sorts between these two before season’s end.

This Is My Happy Ending

Regina.  Oh…Regina.  The woman is thwarted at every turn and things are getting worse for her with each episode.  There has to be some sort of comeuppance somewhere along the line, right?  I think she’s going to be in a whole mess of trouble by the end of the season, with her twisted revenge story spinning back on herself so that she’s the one in trouble.  Instead of playing the game, I think the game is going to play her, particularly where Gold is involved.  The cliffhanger for the end of the season?  Regina’s true identity is uncovered and the town wants to punish her.



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  1. I think the clincher will be Regina comes clean *on her own* as the only way to convince Emma that they have to hunt up something magical (I have my theories on what that something is) to save Henry’s life. And a quest will be born, uneasy comrades in arms as Emma and Regina seek out Henry’s cure.

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