Interview with Choreographer Claudia Swan

Claudia Swan was born in Brazil and has been dancing all her life. She is most famously known for choreographing for the popular boy band Dream Street. She has also worked with Swedish star Anna Sundstrand and girl group Drama Drama. Claudia currently still works with former Dream Street member Chris Trousdale. Read our interview with Claudia below and follow her on twitter @claudiaswan.

What made you want to become a choreographer?

“I’ve been dancing since I was a little kid so before I even knew that there was a name for it. I used to choreograph in my living room and after I was done I would call my mom and dad to watch the dance! I also choreographed shows in Brazil, but usually because I was in it or that was for kids I was teaching to. It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I got involved in projects that I was hired to choreograph. To be honest I didn’t want to choreograph for Dream Street, only Chris had training and the other four boys had zero, but I was so happy I did, cause it was a lot of work but was a lot of fun too. So, to be honest I was really pushed into choreographing for DS cause of my husband, the creator of DS, he knew that I could teach anyone to dance and I have not stopped since!”

Who has been your favorite musician/dancer to work with?

“Chris Trousdale, he is a dream, whatever I think of – I know he can do it, he is an amazing dancer and he’s also my bff.”

 Favorite place to travel to?

“I’m between Japan and Paris, both for different reasons, but if i had to pick one, it would be….Japan ! Oh, wait, love going to Brazil too, but that’s where my family is, so I don’t know, haha.” 

What was the first ballet or dance performance you saw?

“Wow, that’s a hard one! I always looked up to Gene Kelly, he was an amazing tap dancer. In Brazil at the time, they used to show his movies and Fred Astaire’s a lot and I just loved him and still do. Can’t remember my first first show to be honest, I remember going to see Bolshoi Ballet and that was huge.”

Favorite movie, book and TV show?

“Wow, there are many! Glad you didn’t ask for my favorite singer or song, always so hard to answer. I like many different artists and movies, but no books for me. I know it sounds terrible, but I hate to read! I’ve had this thing since I was a kid about knowing there is still so much to read and that I couldn’t finish right away, I don’t know, it freaks me out. Favorite movie-American History X, Finding Nemo, White Nights, August Rush and many more. TV Shows-Dexter! “

Favorite Chris dance? Favorite Anna dance? Favorite Drama Drama dance?

“Chris-‘Let me let go’. Anna-‘Press Rewind’. Drama Drama-‘Supernatural’.”

If you weren’t a choreographer what would you be doing?

“I would probably be doing something with dogs. I love dogs!”

What are you up to these days? Any current projects music videos etc?

“Yes, I’m working on a movie which we will be filming it soon. I will have about 5-6 dance numbers in it and also a secret project that I can’t say it yet cause I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m excited!”

Hobbies besides dancing?

“These days, twitter for my dog Rusty, my love, but only the strong can follow her! @RustyLinda. Haha.”

If you could describe yourself in 5 words what would they be?

“Sensitive, talented, funny, giving, positive. Aren’t I modest? hahaha”

Favorite thing to do in NY?

“Besides dancing, shopping!”

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