Interview with Ryan Cabrera

Ryan Cabrera is a platinum selling recording artist who started his music career when he picked up a guitar at age sixteen. Soon after that he started playing music everywhere he could: clubs, bars, and restaurants until he landed his first record deal. It didn’t take Ryan long to figure out the music business because by the age of 21 he was writing and producing his first major label debut “Take It All The Way”. Today he is still touring and in the studio working on his new album. Check out our interview with him below and make sure to follow him on facebook and twitter.

When/why did you start playing music?

“I stumbled upon a guitar at 16 while bored at my best friends house..whenever I went over I just started strumming!! The obsession grew over time! I’d never planned on being a singer.”

What has been the coolest experience you’ve had since you started playing music?

“I’ve had many things happen that have been way to crazy for me to comprehend but I’d have to say singing “my girl” with smokey Robinson, john fogerty, richie sambora, and bill withers would have to take the cake!! Also meeting the dog Who played Air Bud was pretty epic!!  ;-)”

When you tour what’s your favorite city to play?

“I love a lot of cities but Chicago has been really great to me..also the vibe in New York city always makes for a special evening!!”

Your playing a show in NY May 31st with Aaron and Greg. Any plans for the three of you to play any other shows together? (Like in Chicago Hint hint)

“Haha didn’t know you were Chicago, so I wasn’t sucking up in the last question!! But no as of now there are no plans for any future shows..I wouldn’t be opposed to it, I am excited to be playing with them soon and its gonna be a killer show!!”

Was there ever a time when you doubted that you would be able to make a career out of music?

“No I’ve never looked back since the day I started playing! I made the decision when I was 19 and I wouldn’t take no for a answer…I’ll live n die playing and writing music”

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

“There are so many but the first to really hit me was dave matthews..he made me wanna always be a better musician and writer..Paul Simon has been a big influence along w Freddie mercury, Damien rice, george Harrison, and a million more..I like people who write good, real, songs”

Ideally where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Hopefully on a stage jumping around like a child!!”

Which song means the most to you? Why?

“I’d probably have to say a song called “rise (the dog barks)” or “say you will” both of those tunes really sum up where I’ve been over the last years!!”

Which song is your favorite to preform live? Why?

“I think True is one of my favorite songs to perform..I’ve played it a million times but still it seems new to came from such a innocent place and I try to go back to that place in my life now and that song brings me back everytime”

What are some pros and cons of being a solo act? 

“Pros…I make my own rules!! Cons..making your own rules gets old!! I am a people person,, I love being around people and I’ve learned to take as much in and learn from as many people as I can and then make decisions”

If you had to choose one song to be your theme song what would it be?

“The full house theme song”

Is your family supportive of your choice to pursue music?

“Not at first but now they are fans!! Haha they werent ever too keen on the idea but my mom is probably my biggest fan”

What is the hardest part about touring?

“No sleep!!”

The number 1 person you would like to perform with dead or alive?

 “John Lennon would be the first part and Paul McCartney would be the second”


  1. Love this! Haha. And I’m with you he needs to bring his hiney to chicago lol. It’s been years but still has the power to get excited and hop around like an idiot.

    1. Darn typos lol! I meant makes me hop around like an idiot. Idk why I’m awake it’s 4:58am my time haha.

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