'The Lying Game': 5 major points of the first episode

As a “hurray it’s been picked up for a second season!” and a “hurry I’m done with exams,” I decided to embark on re-watching the first season of ‘The Lying Game’. If you watch TLG but haven’t seen the first episode in a while, or you always wanted to watch it, but never got the chance and want to hear about it, here are 5 of the major points in the first episode.

Sutton and Emma

Sutton and Emma are twins that were separated at birth. Sutton is living in Phoenix, Arizona leading a luxurious life while Emma is moving from foster home to foster home and is currently in Las Vegas. Just three months before the pilot episode, Sutton found Emma and they have been talking via webcam since. Sutton feels something is up with their adoption but is unsure of what.

The Switch

After Emma is accused of stealing money by her pervy foster brother and foster mom, she runs off to Phoenix to meet up with Sutton. Little does she know when she gets there that Sutton has a master plan of switching places, and having Emma pretend to be her while she goes to LA to follow a lead on their birth parents.

The Reveal

Emma trying to be Sutton is just not working out for Emma. She has no idea what Sutton’s life is like. She thinks a guy who isn’t Sutton’s boyfriend IS her boyfriend, and the guy who IS Sutton’s boyfriend, Ethan, Emma thinks is a stalker. Ethan then realizes, by kissing Emma, that she is not Sutton and finds her at the cabin where the truth finally, fully, comes out.

The Cabin

The cabin didn’t just bring about the reveal of Emma pretending to be Sutton to Ethan, her only confidant, it also brought about the second major spin in the story. Sutton didn’t return to Phoenix as she was supposed to. Ethan then tells Emma that they both have to keep up the lie of Emma being Sutton until Sutton comes back.

The Cliffhanger

While Sutton is in LA, the last few seconds of the pilot episode show Sutton sitting in a car looking at the Santa Monica pier, the passenger door opens and Sutton gasps as the screen has gone to black.

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