'The Secret Circle' Recap Episode 1.22 Finale "Family"- Crystal Skulls and Heartbreak.

This was an amazing way to end the season! Best episode to date- hands down.

Our opening scene is Diana waking up in Grant’s car only two hours from where the last episode left off. For a minute I forgot why she was in Grant’s car, but then I remembered Charles confessed to Diana about killing Amelia. Diana wishes Grant would take her halfway across the country. He offers to take her right then and there, but Diana has some unfinished business with the circle first.

Faye is having an awful time (Duh. She’s captured). The minion Eben has keeping watch over her was groping her looking for her phone. He retrieves it and immediately hands it over to Eben!

The rest of the circle is at the abandoned house trying to figure out how to get Faye back. Cassie admits that she told John everything, and Jake backs her decision, but Diana decides to once again voice her opinion about how bad he is and how they shouldn’t tell him anything.

Cassie gets a phone call from Faye’s phone- but it isn’t Faye. It’s Eben! He demands one crystal or he will burn Faye. He only wants one so the circle can’t configure the crystal skull. Jake decides the only way to save Faye is to configure the crystal skull and use it to kill Eben, but Diana thinks that John may have been lying about the power of the crystal skull as well.

Charles, (who is still really freaked out) calls Dawn over to tell her he thinks Amelia was haunting him. Then Dawn fills him in on John wanting to get Charles out of Diana’s life, and Charles realizes it was John doing that to him. Now to protect their children, Dawn and Charles are on a quest to get their powers back, and Charles can only think of one person to help him with that-his mommy.

Cassie and Diana meet John on a shore, while Adam, Melissa, and Jake go to the boatyard to wait on Cassie and Diana. John is trying to explain that in order to form the skull, they would have to un-bind the circle. Diana of course decides they have to talk to the rest of the circle before they un-bind it. John and Cassie argue that it’s the only way to save Faye. The ritual is pretty straight forward: you set the crystals on fire, then pick them up an throw them into the lake, and then you wait until it comes to you.

Adam, Jake, and Melissa realize the circle is un-bound when Adam stops Jake from going into the boatyard by using his individual magic.

Faye (having her own individual magic back) brakes the chains herself, and also unlocks a few doors and beats that little minion guy around. She was EXTREMELY happy to have her own power back. Can  you blame the girl?

Back at Charles’ house, he and Dawn wait for Charles’ mother to arrive. They quickly cut to the point that they need their powers back. She explains to them that once their powers were stripped, they were destroyed, but she was willing to sacrifice hers. Dawn’s phone rings. It’s Faye asking her mother to come rescue her.

John, Cassie, and Diana are retrieving the skull from the water, and in order to complete the formation, Cassie and Diana have to put their hands on it. Cassie and Diana both feel the power rushing through their bodies.

At the boatyard, Melissa and Jake decided to go after Faye, and Adam decides to leave and go find Cassie and Diana with fear that something had gone terribly wrong.

Cassie argues with John about who was going to use the crystal skull, and for the first time in a while Diana actually backs her up. Go sisters! Cassie asks John why she can’t use it if they had the same intentions, and he finally confesses he has ulterior motives. He knocks Cassie and Diana out. Hello bad ass John.

Charles and Dawn now have his mothers’ power. Charles takes a moment alone with his mother to tell her that Diana wasn’t biologically his. She knew the whole time, but never said anything. She tells him just because Diana wasn’t biologically his, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t her true father.

Melissa and Jake find Faye, and Jake gives her a big I’m-really-glad-your-not-dead kiss. Then Eben shows up and throws them all across the room. We go to commercial but not before Eben says his bad guy catch phrase: “Time to die.”

Cassie and Diana wake up on the floor of the abandoned house trapped in a spelled circle. John lets them know he has no intentions of stopping Eben. He wants to make Diana and Cassie the witches they were destined to be.

Eben has Melissa, Faye, and Jake tied up like he did their parents sixteen years ago. (By the way- exactly how old is Eben? Too old to be witch hunting I think.) He lights a match, but not before saying a snappy remark to Jake about his parents. The circle around them and parts of the boat are on fire. They are screaming for their lives, but there is nothing they can do.

Charles and Dawn arrive. Charles tells Dawn to save the children and that he will deal with Eben. Charles walks in chanting and Eben starts looking weak. Charles extracts the demons from Eben. (Remember without the demons, Eben is a human!) But he’s not just extracting them, he’s channeling them to enter his body.

Dawn saves the children, but they hear Eben yell. Jake immediately goes to find Eben and tells the girls to get out. Jake walks over to Eben and without hesitation, Jake stabs him in the heart. “This is for my parents. And this is for Nick”. (R.I.P. Eben 2011-2012)

Faye, Dawn, and Melissa walk outside and see Charles with demons all in his body. Charles says: “Tell Diana I love her” and jumps into the river to drown the demons.

John is revealing his true plan (FINALLY) which was to kill every witch without Balcoin blood, and form a circle with only Balcoin blood. Oh yes. John has more children! He turns the crystal chrome and suddenly we see Faye, Melissa, Dawn, Jake, and Adam all burning from the inside out. Cassie decides she needs Diana to help her because together they are stronger than Blackwell. Cassie tries to kill Diana (in order for Diana to trigger her dark magic). Cassie tries to go up against John on her own until Diana finally decides to help her. They kill John Blackwell. (R.I.P. John Blackwell 2011-2012)

After all is said and done, Cassie gathers the entire circle to her house to give them an extremely heartfelt apology. She wanted more than anything to trust her father and she’s sorry that she put everyone in danger by doing so. They decide they need to get rid of the skull once and for all so that nothing like this will never happen again.

Adam decides to put the skull in a lead container and throw it in the ocean. Cassie decides Adam should be in charge of dealing with the skull because he is the most ‘reliable’ one there. Diana announces she is leaving town for good. I don’t completely blame her. I would want to leave town too if people kept trying to kill me and my father who was a murderer is no dead too.  Cassie begs her to stay, because when she first came to town Diana was the one who took care of her. Cassie wants to be able to do the same for her sister. Diana says that she never wants to feel dark magic again and she can’t stay away from dark magic AND be with Cassie at the same time.

Jake and Faye have a sweet little moment. Jake asks her to go out later, but of course Faye plays hard to get. I think this means Faye and Jake are officially back together! Yay! Team Fake/Jaye!

Diana and Grant leaving town together. Let’s hope a get away with Grant will make Diana less of a Debbie downer when she returns to Chance Harbor.

Faye and Melissa decide to make the best out of their solo magic by having a night out on the town!

Jake receives a package with a note attached from his grandpa saying “The circles are coming together, your fight is far from over.” Inside the package is some weird necklace thing. It was like a vial of something with a chain attached to it.

We discover Charles is not in fact dead. His mommy saved him. Yay!

Adam feels the power of the crystal (he’s so easily influenced) and he liked it a little too much. (Enough to make us wonder if he actually is going to dump it like he’s supposed to).

Diana looks at her hand and notices she had been marked. Cassie is also marked, along with three other Blackwell children from different circles. And they are coming to Chance Harbor. It seems as though John Blackwell’s plan will see its way through with or without him.

How was that for a season finale guys!?

Now all we do is pray for a season two renewal!


Author: Alex Burlett

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