'The Vampire Diaries': Recap of Episode 3.20 “Do Not Go Gentle”

We all love TVD’s “events” and their legendary Decade Dances at Mystic Falls High have always been fun to watch despite the fact that tragic dance drama has always been a given. A decade dance – 20’s style, gorgeous dress up costumes, a hot cast, some interesting dance hook-ups, and some guaranteed drama or “dangerous dance karma” as Stefan says. What’s not to like?

Stefan and Elena

At Caroline’s encouragement, Elena asks Stefan to the dance as her date. A bit of a surprise after last week’s heated kiss between Elena and Damon. I’m for either couple, but Caroline’s statement to Elena that “Stefan’s your epic love” resembles a key factor that has been carried throughout all three seasons of TVD. Damon’s been there all along to add some spice and confusion to that epic love and it’s been fun to watch the dynamics change during Season 3. It seems that fans are still waiting to see whom Elena chooses and I suspect we’ll have to wait for the finale for the result. An entire season of waiting. It’ll be interesting to see fans’ reactions once Elena’s epic love choice is revealed. As of right now, it’s anyone’s game. Or guess.

Alaric, Esther, and Elena

And once again, the Mother of The Year, Esther, is up to no good. Her quest to kill all her children still lingers and this time she zeros in on Alaric’s alter ego for help. Using a binding spell to trap the vampires at the school, Mamma Original executes her plan. First on the list is to get Elena to go with her to the graveyard, as she requires the blood of the doppelganger to set her plans in motion. With steely determination, magical powers, and some crazy maternal issues with her children, Esther performs a spell using the protective magic of Alaric’s ring that renders the white oak stake indestructible. The ultimate weapon for the ultimate hunter. Very clever. In an attempt to create a fast, strong, and true hunter – another vampire to kill all vampires – Esther turns Alaric. Seriously, how many times does Alaric have to die? He’s such a nice guy – or the real Alaric is anyway. As for his alter ego, he resembles the making of a new villain for TVD … right?

Tyler and Caroline

It was nice to see Caroline and Tyler together at the dance and they had some awesome dance moves! Of course, Klaus makes an appearance and rattles a few feathers as only Klaus can do. Love the way Caroline stands up to him, the “Alpha Male.” Laugh. And oozing confidence, Klaus is convinced that Caroline will not be able to settle for anything less than him and the world he has to offer.

Klaus, Damon, and Bonnie

When word gets out that Esther’s up to her tricks, they rope in Bonnie to help and once again, Klaus threatens her and issues his same threat of “do it or I will kill everyone you fancy.” That line (and I’ve said this before) has to go! An overused line that has lost its impact. Poor Bonnie. Always in the middle of vamp turmoil. But as usual, she helps her vampire friends – and Elena – and they locate Esther.


Mamma Original has thought of everything and you have to admit, her plan is impressive. Sadly for her, she doesn’t expect Alaric’s Mr Nice Guy to appear and ruin her plans – or stake her. Alaric decides not to complete the transition into a vampire, fearing the evil side of his alter ego. Ever the nice guy. Ever the hero. This is what made his death so hard to watch, his good byes to Elena and Jeremy so touching. As for the moment when he steps outside the grave and sees all his friends gathered in support … no wonder so many fans were in tears. Wow. A touching moment. A scene without words, a beautiful song, a powerful impact. Nice to see the cast all together as it’s not something we see often.

Stefan and Elena

Stefan and Elena share several quiet, beautiful moments at the dance that end way too soon before the drama starts. Would have loved to know what Elena would have said had Stefan given her a chance to tell him about her trip to Denver – and her kiss to Damon. But he stops her. Although their moments together are brief, they share some kind words, raw honesty, and the flying of mutual white flags that ends with her crying in his arms. Curious to know what will follow.

Alaric and Damon

Damon stays with Alaric and they share a special moment of friendship before Alaric’s tranquilizer kicks in and he falls asleep. A nice moment between two friends with an odd bond – despite the fact that Alaric, a vampire hunter, had initially come to Mystic Falls determined to kill Damon for turning his wife. And don’t forget that Damon has killed Alaric twice before. Odd friendship indeed, but it was nice that Damon was with Alaric at the end.

Vampire Alaric

The episode ends with Esther in her coffin, and with Klaus screaming hateful words at her. The end of Esther and her evil plan to kill all vampires? It appeared so, but in true TVD style, they threw in a twist and another game changer. Ever the meddling Esther, one Mamma that will not be stopped, calls on Bonnie to finish what she started. Seriously? Bonnie? Didn’t see that coming. And just as we thought we’d seen the end of Alaric, (sniff, sniff) Bonnie arrives at the graveyard looking spaced out and determined. She gives Damon a witchy mind fry and he falls to the floor. With an unsettling coldness, she slices open her hand and feeds Alaric her blood, thus carrying out Mamma Original’s plan to perfection – and creating the ultimate hunter.

Mystic Falls has a new villain in town – a vampire hunter with a loathing for vampires. With only two episodes left, a new villain on the loose, and a love triangle simply waiting to be resolved, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is hot on everyone’s list this week.

Take a bite out of a new episode of TVD this Thursday, May 3rd, 8/7c on The CW


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