Cover Wars: Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend"

Some know him as The Biebs, others as Ja Babe or that Bieber kid, whatever the case, Justin Bieber is a great and talented musician! As he is growing up, so is his music. We love ‘”Boyfriend” because it shows the other side of Bieber that we had yet to see.

Below are the top 5 covers of “Boyfriend” that we have found. Vote below for the one you like best. If you have any suggestions for a cover of this song that you love and we have missed, please leave it in the comments below. Who knows, we may even add it 🙂

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This Cover Wars will be closed on Sunday, June 10th at 5pm cst.

Cover #1

Artist: Elyar Fox


Cover #2

Artist: Matty B


Cover #3

Artist: Madilyn Bailey


Cover #4

Artist: Hayley Orrantia and Tim Halperin


Cover #5

Artist: Andrew Garcia and JRA


Cover #6

Artist: Chai-Town of UIUC

[youtube] [polldaddy poll=6298286]
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