Cover Wars: "One Thing"

Last year, Bieber Fever swept the nation affecting million upon millions of girls throughout the world. Although Bieber fever is not as prominent today, a new epidemic has taken its place: One Direction infection.

Below are the top 5 covers of “One Thing” that we have found. Vote below for the one you like best. If you have any suggestions for a cover of this song that you love and we have missed, please leave it in the comments below. Who knows, we may even add it.

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This Cover Wars will be closed on Sunday, June 30th at 5pm cst.

Cover #1

Artist: The After Party


Cover #2

Artist: TwentyForSeven


Cover #3

Artist: Josh Herbert


Cover #4

Artist: Cody and Joseph Barros


Cover #5

Artist: Jordan Jansen

[youtube] [polldaddy poll=6342864]
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