Interview with Luka Jones

Luka Jones, star of the hit, but sadly cancelled NBC show ‘Best Friends Forever’, is what we like to call a comedic genius. Not only does he have great comedic timing, but he is currently working on his PhD in philosophy. He is currently doing lots of improv, and auditioning for multiple roles in movies and TV shows. He is quite a busy man, but we had the great honor to talk and catch up with him. Check out our interview with Luka Jones below.

How much improvising was involved with ‘BFF’?

“In some ways there was a ton. The writing was created from improvisation between Lennon and Jessica. They would go in a room together and improvise a scene by playing the different characters. Then they’d record it and transcribe it to write a scene. Once they had a script on set we’d basically stay true to the words and the spirit of what was written. Sometimes I would improvise the way I would say something in order to make it sound more natural coming from me. And sometimes with different or later takes Lennon and Jessica would loosen it up and see if what we would improvise worked better than what they had originally written.”

How did you become the lucky guy to film with Lennon and Jessica?

“It was really really lucky. Anytime you get cast on a show it’s super lucky, because it’s so hard to get cast on a show normally. But this was crazier than normal. What actually happened was they originally casted Adam Pally who’s on ‘Happy Endings’. Adam, Jessica, and Lennon all have performed together at UCB for over a decade. They started in the New York Theater and knew each other from there. So they casted Adam as Joe, but then ‘Happy Endings’ got picked back up, so they had to recast Joe. Luckily, by that time I was auditioning. I had just started getting back into acting around then. It was really lucky timing for me. Even more luckily, the casting director was also casting for ‘Eastbound and Down’ and I actually went in for that show and auditioned for two different roles on it, but I wasn’t the right fit for them. Then she said I’d be right for another role which ended up being Joe. I did a pre-read with the casting director and then Jessica and Lennon casted me after seeing me on video tape.”

Did you know Jessica and Lennon prior to ‘BFF’?

“I didn’t. They have been performing at UCB longer than me and are higher up in the UCB hierarchy than me. We do know a lot of people in common though, which made me feel a lot more comfortable in the audition. Scott Armstong one of the executive producers and Anthony King one of the writers were both UCB members. ‘BFF’ was very UCB friendly!”

There’s the whole “save ‘BFF’” movement on twitter. What effect did it have for the show and what did it mean to you?

“I don’t know what real possibilities the show has of returning. I’m not plugged in enough at that level because I’m not a producer. I think the movement is wonderful and can only do good. Lennon and Jessica put so much work into this show, and it was sad that it got pulled after the first four episodes, so to see so many people having a strong positive reaction to the show made us all feel really good! NBC is now airing the last two episodes. In terms of what can happen at this point the movement can only help! We are all watching the last two episodes together. They are my two favorite episodes. I’m really glad people will be able to see them.”

If you could say one thing to the ‘BFF’ fans what would it be?

“Thank you so much for the support! The twitter support was unbelievable. This was the first time I had a big part on a show, and it’s meant a lot to me to be on it. To have people be so loving and positive felt really good. The support has made a difference to me, and I really appreciate it!

Do you prefer doing stand-up comedy or acting?

“My main things were doing stand-up around Los Angeles and improv at UCB. I like live performing, but started focusing more on improv. I’m really into acting too. I’m excited to hopefully continue to act. I have a little bit of training in non-comedic acting too.”

Funniest moment on ‘BFF’ set?

“There hasn’t been one huge blooper. When you get so many funny people together the writers, directors, producers and actors you have comedic bits going on all the time. When I had to get naked that was pretty funny. There was the time with pretzel bag, and there’s that time I take the robe off when I back into the room. Even though you don’t see much nakedness on screen, I was pretty naked. It was funny on set. It was filmed at the end of the work week and we were trying to fit everything in so it was pretty late and we were all goofy tired. All those naked takes were funny. The bathtub scene with Jessica and Lennon was really funny too on set.”

What are you currently working on?

“I am auditioning for roles and I’m doing little bits in a couple of movies. It’s really exciting the opportunities I know have because of ‘BFF’. I’m really enjoying that!”

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