Paradise Fears New Single – Home


A lot has happened for these 6 small town boys in Paradise Fears. With just ending a headlining tour and having time off before traveling again, it was seemingly perfect timing for them to release their new single Home.

Turtles (Paradise Fears Fans) have been overwhelmingly excited about this new tune! The social networks are blowing up with this news; #PFHome was even #3 on the US trending topics!

It doesn’t stray away from their last full length album, Yours Truly.
It still has that pop-rock sound, but the lyrics are more touching and get to their fans the way their older song, Sanctuary has.
It doesn’t have to do about a girl like most tracks on their full length album, which makes it more personal.

Musically, it shows tremendous growth and talent. The instrumentals are beautifully organized with Sam’s vocals. There’s an amazing set of harmonies near the bridge when the music drops. They also included strings part way through the song, which was a nice new touch for them. Big props to baby of the band, Lucas Zimmerman, as his talent on the drums really stands out with a great arrangement. Jordan Merrigan also gets a chance to shine through a catchy guitar solo behind Sam’s vocals during the bridge. Those two definitely stood out, but everyone in the band got a chance to show off their talent.

Check this incredible song out! It’s planned to hit iTunes very soon, but for now, you can stream it on Pup Fresh or watch the music video here:

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