'Pretty Little Liars': Kingdom of the Blind 3.03 Recap

The beginning of the episode sees the girls watching Jenna and trying to decide how to best go about her being able to see. Jenna then asks Aria to play accompaniment with her because her regular person dropped out and the girls decide to take that as their opportunity to spy on Jenna. As they are walking through the halls, they see Lucas walking away from the principal who has a letter for his parents about his attitude. Lucas is beginning to go crazy and when he lights the letter, he runs out leaving Hanna in the room with a burning trashcan where Caleb finds her and puts out the fire. Hanna describes Caleb as a “sour patch kid”. But sour patch kids are sour THEN they’re sweet, Hanna!

Emily got a 94 on her makeup test and knows that there was no way she could have gotten that grade since she didn’t finish it. So she thinks that someone could have changed her grade and that it was ‘A’ so that ‘A’ would have something else held over her head. She goes to talk to Mrs. Montgomery about it and she basically brushes her off telling her that everything is fine and the grade is correct.

When Spencer gets home, Melissa is home and most definitely not pregnant. Their mom then tells the two of them that she is going to defend Garrett Reynolds. She tries to explain to Spencer why she is taking on the case, but something just seems off about why she is doing it.

As Emily and Aria are talking about her grade, they begin talking about ‘A’ and how they can’t believe that it is still going and that they “did not go through all of that to crawl under someone else’s thumb.” Emily doesn’t want there to be anything else that ‘A’ can use against her and Mrs. Montgomery changing her grade is just another secret that draws ‘A’ in. Emily finally shows that she is seriously growing a backbone and that she is “way more angry than [she is] scared now.” Aria asks if she can borrow some of that and Emily tells her she can “any time.”

While Aria is at Jenna’s place practicing with her, she uses the time to sneak peeks around and try to find any clues as to what Jenna is doing. As she is doing so, she sees a note that says “H Cobb 4:15 Weds Earplugs.”

While talking with the other girls, Aria gets a call from her mom because she has to meet with the vice principal and can’t take her to Philadelphia the next day. Aria then goes to talk with Ezra and asks him what he would do. She bats around the actual reasoning for a bit before telling him what Emily thinks about her mom helping her.

Hanna then goes to see Mona and she is much different than the last time she saw Mona. According to Mona, she is on a new medication and she keeps repeating things over and over to the point where something else seems up with her. She then, very creepily might I add, asks if the police ever found what’s left of Alison… As Hanna is leaving, she sees that Lucas has been visiting Mona and she watches and waits for him to leave.

Ezra finds Mrs. Montgomery at a coffee shop that he normally frequents and asks her about Emily’s test. She admits that she did a “very foolish and short-sighted thing” but Ezra tells her that what she did was very human and Ella admits that she will just tell the truth.

Outside of Radley, the psychiatric hospital, Caleb is waiting for Hanna and gets mad at her because he doesn’t want her seeing Mona. She ends up letting it out that she was hit with a car by Mona and Caleb doesn’t understand how Hanna would EVER want to see Mona again after that. As they are fighting, Lucas comes out of the building and Hanna confronts him about visiting Mona. He admits to her that he is trying to see if Mona is really mental and to consider if Mona is faking it since it would be better than her going to jail.

The next day, Hanna and Aria are waiting outside of Jenna’s house to see what Jenna does. At the same time, Spencer is doing a bit of digging trying to figure out what was going on with Melissa. She finds out that her sister was never admitted to a hospital there (where she supposedly had the miscarriage), stayed at the hotel 3 days longer and added another hotel room for someone else. Hanna and Aria are still waiting outside of Jenna’s when they see a taxi come for Jenna and they follow it.

As Ella is about to go meet with the Vice Principal to talk to him about her grading practices, she sees him and Ezra walking down the hall. They tell Ella that Ezra had talked to the vice principal about the grading and how Ezra had wanted Ella to grade the test in front of him and how that may have looked like giving Emily preferential treatment. Hopefully that whole dilemma is now taken care of.

Back to Hanna and Aria who are still trailing the taxi with Jenna in it. The taxi lets Jenna out at an office building but not even a minute later, she is driving around the corner in her car and they start following her again. Where she stops though, is not at all what the girls expected H. Cobb to be. It’s a guns and ammo store. When she comes back out, Hanna steps in front of the car stopping her from going anywhere and the girls all corner her.

As the girls are all tracking down Jenna, Caleb is at Radley trying to protect Hanna by telling Mona to leave her alone. He then continues to rile her up by telling her that while he gets to walk out that door and leave the facility, she doesn’t get to go anywhere. After she tells him that he is a lousy kisser, she goes completely crazy flipping over the table and screaming.

The girls are now surrounding Jenna so she can’t run away and are interrogating her. They find out that she had been able to see from the very first operation. She tells the girls that “if people think that you’re blind, they get careless. You can see what they don’t see.” She also admits to having Emily in her car. She says that nighttime is the only time she gets to really be herself and while she was out driving, she found Emily in the middle of the road, drunk, and crying for Maya and she couldn’t just leave her out there. So she figured that she could at least take her to the end of her street, but when she stopped at a stoplight, Emily freaked out and jumped out of the car. Jenna asks the girls to please keep this all a secret as she is “still a target” and wants to use her “blindness” as a way of spying on people.

When Spencer gets home, she tells her mom that she did some digging of her own about how Melissa didn’t go to the hospital and that she knew that her mom went up there to stay with her. Her mom then admits that she had some suspicions that Melissa wasn’t pregnant anymore, but that she wasn’t completely sure.

Emily finds Ezra at the coffee shop and tells him that she doesn’t need him covering for her or feeling sorry for her; she doesn’t want that from her teachers. After Ezra agrees with her and Emily tells him that she is tired of everybody “treating her like she was made out of glass,” he hands her a copy of a test from the same course but a different test to show him that she knows what she’s doing and that she really does deserve a good grade on the test.

The very end of the episode sees Mona laying in her bed singing a creepy song with the Queen of Hearts card in her hand then transitioning in to ‘A’ making another necklace/bracelet, pouring a drink, then placing the bottle in a freezer with a body bag for the Charon & Sons Funeral Directory. Alison’s body? Who knows. Guess we will find out later.

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