TV’s Top 10 Favorite Couples

An excellent TV Series has the knack of drawing fans in with a weekly dose of action, drama, suspense, humor and of course, romance. Not essential to every TV show, but for the die-hard romantics out there, a little romance between the leading couple (and other characters) in a TV show can easily add a little zing to a series. With so many couples hooking up in a variety of TV shows, it was hard to pick our top 10 favorite couples, but here’s a list of couples who we thought were perfect matches. You can vote for your favorite TV couple below!

Peter and Elizabeth Burke – ‘White Collar’

A poster couple for a great marriage. Peter and Elizabeth have been married for over a decade. He’s a dedicated and hard working FBI Agent and she’s his beautiful, intelligent, and devoted wife. Elizabeth is quick to provide fresh ideas and perspectives to any case Peter is working on and he often relies on her insight to solve his cases. They’re best friends, complete allies, fully in support of each other, and completely adorable together.

Marshall and Lily – ‘How I met Your Mother’

Although the other cast members of HIMYM have had several relationships during the seasons, Marshall and Lily’s relationship has remained solid. A delightful couple, quirky at times, but we love their connection and their absolute devotion and commitment to each other.

Zoe and Wade – ‘Hart of Dixie’

Although these two neighbors have a fiery relationship that has evolved throughout the season, the attraction between them was obvious from the beginning. They’ve shared a flirty friendship loaded with great banter and undeniable chemistry that all came together in the season’s finale. It will be interesting to see what Season 2 has in store for this charming couple.

Rachel and Finn – ‘Glee’

Although Rachel and Finn had an on/off relationship during the first two seasons, with a few infidelities forcing them apart, Season 3 saw them engaged, graduating, and unfortunately, separating. With everything changing and real life beckoning, Finn enlisted in the Army and insisted Rachel goes to New York. Will Season 4 bring them back together?

Emily and Jack – ‘Revenge’

Childhood sweethearts, a love triangle, and a shared kiss between Emily and Jack that ended her engagement to Daniel. Add some baby drama, a hidden identity, and a taste for revenge and we have a tangled web of interesting possibilities for this couple in Season 2.

Derek and Meredith – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

We can’t help but love the doctor duo who wrote their wedding vows on a post it note. Through several hiccups, juggling busy schedules, a baby, and eventful hospital shenanigans, Derek and Meredith are stronger and happier than ever.

Andy and Sam – ‘Rookie Blue’

After several teases during the first two seasons of Rookie Blue, the end of Season 2 finally brought Andy and Sam together. A cute couple with very different personalities and backgrounds but hopefully, with careful navigation and several negotiations, this couple will be able to work through their differences in Season 3.

Mary-Marget and David – ‘Once Upon A Time’

Mary Margaret and David shared a complicated journey of memory loss, suspicion, and doubt during the first season of Once Upon A Time – a reality that overshadowed the fairytale love between Snow White and Prince Charming. Fortunately, we caught a glimpse of their magic again in the Season’s finale that brought a sweet reunion for this couple.

Damon and Elena – ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Although Damon and Elena are not officially a couple as such, we still can’t dismiss the relationship that they’ve shared during the last three seasons of TVD. Based on friendship and trust, along with an undeniable chemistry, they have developed a unique relationship that exploded into a breathtaking kiss scene towards the end of Season 3. Although Elena’s choice was the younger Salvatore brother in the Season 3 finale, it will be interesting to see if any roads in Season 4 may lead Elena to Damon.

Stefan and Elena – ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Many fans feel that the relationship between Stefan and Elena is the true essence of the show. Their connection was obvious right from the start and they’ve shared a love that has never waivered throughout all three seasons of TVD. Although they spent the entire Season 3 apart, flashing disapproving looks at each other and working through their own issues, they finally found their way back to each other in the season’s finale. With Elena’s transition into a vampire and her undeniable attraction to Damon, whether this couple remains end game in Season 4 is anyone’s guess.  We expect the new season to bring a whirlwind of changes and we’re curious to see how these changes will affect this hot couple.

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  1. andy and sam is one but also she was andy with sam in reaper anyone notice that . other than that its peter and elizabethh .. id like to put in a write in of michael and fiona from burn notice

  2. “Many fans feel that the relationship between Stefan and Elena is the true essence of the show” Pfft hardly…I think you’ll find 70% of the TVD viewers are Delena fans. Stelena are so boring and dry. Sure they were sweet in season 1 but that chemistry fizzled out. I also think it’s sad that Elena became such a strong independent woman without Stefan in season 3 and the second he apologises after treating her like she’s worthless and dispensible all season she becomes weak and helpless again and lets him walk all over her. Sorry but that’s not love.

    1. Yes, thank you! I said the same thing but for some reason the moderators of the site didn’t approve of my comment since I don’t see it here :/

  3. I don’t want to be rude or anything but I think it’s pretty clear Sam&Andy have won. So the poll might as well be closed.

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