William Beckett Concert Review

I’ve been to many many concerts, some so big that you can barely see the musicians and some so small and personal that you really feel like you get to know the musician while he or she is performing. I am always a fan of those close and personal concerts, and I have to say that this William Beckett concert was one of the best I’ve seen in quite a long time.

The concert started off with Cara Salimando singing with her keyboard. She has a powerful voice that just lights up the room. After hearing only a couple of her songs I began to wonder why I had never heard of her before. She had a strong voice and a quirky personality that kept you entertained and wanting to hear more. I am not the biggest fan of seeing a concert were I don’t know any of the words to the songs, but this was not the case with Cara. She made her performance extremely enjoyable and left you wanting more. We had the pleasure of interviewing Cara after the concert, check back later for our full feature and interview with her.

After Cara, the man of the hour took the stage, William Beckett. This was William’s first tour since The Academy Is… I was quite a fan of the band growing up, but they always had a large crowd so I never really got know know the band on more of a personal level. Although I will always miss The Academy Is… I think William is really hitting his mark as a solo artist. Going solo has really opened a lot of opportunities for William and has allowed him to go to more places musically than he could have when he was with his band.

During the concert, he made an attempt to get to know the names of each and every person who attended. Although he gave up after four people (out of 35) he made it clear that this tour was about him connecting with his fans. He played some new pieces of his brand new EP “Walk the Talk” as well as some songs off his next EP and quite a few The Academy Is… songs.

After the concert both Cara and William came out to meet all of the fans attending the concert. My favorite part was that the line to meet William Beckett never got shorter. Why was that my favorite part? Because not only did he take pictures with his fans and signed autographs, but he took the time to hang out and really meet every single person who attended.

Because of the personable atmosphere, and the extreme talent of the musicians on this tour, this was a concert I hope you did not miss. We were also able to catch up with William before he performed, and we will be posting our video interview with him by the end of the week. Make sure to check out William Beckett on his next tour, tour dates can be found here!

Check out William Beckett performing ‘Compromising Me’ live below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXiQy6AjNUw&feature=youtu.be]
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