Allstar Weekend – The American Dream EP

Allstar Weekend released their new EP, “The American Dream,” on iTunes July 3rd, 2012.

It’s clear to see that the band is quickly maturing with this new EP. They’ve grown out of their “Suddenly” and “Suddenly Yours” sound and changed into a more modern pop band rather than a teeny-bopper dance band. This EP is similar to the creativity in “All The Way” with their risky changes in the instrumentals. “The Last Time,” “I Was Born to Die With You” and “Wanna Dance With Somebody (Cover)” have a more tech-y feel like fans heard in “Mr. Wonderful” on their last album.

The title track on the album, has a catchy fun feel and probably is my favorite on the EP.
A nice change with this EP is that two of the tracks; “The American Dream” and “Life As We Know It” are not just about a girl, they’re about life. Rarely do you see this with Allstar Weekend. There definitely are a couple more songs like this on past albums, but it seems the fan response to those songs are more positive on songs like these rather than the others about love/girls.

This EP is on iTunes for $5.99, and I highly recommend getting it.

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