Flashback Friday: Top Five 'Felicity' Gasp Moments

For the past few months, I’ve been watching nothing but late 90’s WB dramas. It started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then it was Angel, then Roswell and now Felicity. My goal is to watch all of the most popular dramas of the late 90’s and early 00’s. So, since I’m not the only fan of these television shows, I’ve decided to write every week about one of them. I wanted to watch a show and do a recap of every episode, but I felt like Flashblack Fridays would be a more suitable tribute to these wonderful, long-lost shows. Hopefully, over time, I’ll cover shows such as LOST, Friends or Veronica Mars (let me know in the comments what shows you want covered!).

I’m starting off this new feature with the “GASP!” moments from ‘Felicity’. Now, I haven’t quite finished the series (I’m on season four, episode 13 right now) but I decided to go ahead and post some of the moments of the show that literally had me standing up on the couch freaking out or covering my mouth in horror.

James shooting (At House Party)

Episode 3×11 showed Molly finally breaking up with her crack addicted boyfriend James. A feat that took almost all season for her to do. Everyone seemed super happy to end the first semester of their junior year by having a house party to celebrate. As everyone is dancing and enjoying their time together, James appears out of nowhere and begins walking towards the group dancing. You see him pull out a pistol and fire one shot as the episode ends.

Watching this episode, I knew something bad was going to happen when Molly broke up with James, and all he did was keep contacting her and threatening her. I figured it would be him showing up and doing something, but I didn’t think he would show up at their house party and shoot someone! I honestly had to watch the next episode immediately so I could see what happened/who was shot. I breathed a sigh of relief when the next episode showed everyone okay and running around trying to help those hurt. I still hate James for pushing Avery (girl who was shot) between Ben and Felicity. But, I guess there had to be some tragedy in their lives sometime right?


Tracy/Elena engagement

Episode 3×17 follows Noel as he’s graduating and everyone else packing up to go home for the summer. Tracy goes to Elena to talk about her relationship with DeForrest and she tells him she’s not seeing DeForrest anymore because of Tracy. He drops on one knee and proposes to her in an attempt to make their relationship okay since they can’t have sex because of his religious views.

This moment made absolutely no sense to me and surprised me so much when it happened. Tracy and Elena hadn’t been a couple for quite a long time in this season, and they hadn’t even gotten back together when he decides to pop the question. This might not qualify as a “gasp” moment for most people. But I found myself with my mouth wide open as he drops on one knee and proposes. I just couldn’t believe it when it happened.


Ruby Pregnant (Not Noel’s Baby)

Episode 2×14 shows Noel and Ruby going to the doctor for the first time after she finds out she is pregnant. They are in the room with the doctor looking at the ultrasound on the screen when the doctor tells them the baby’s approximate age in utero. Noel thinks for a second and says, “That can’t be right. You were in Los Angeles during that time.” The look on Ruby’s face gives it all away – the baby isn’t Noel’s.

This moment began as a sweet moment between the couple and ended in a terrible breakup and exit of Ruby from the show. I remember feeling horrible watching Noel, who decided to take responsibility for his actions and step up to be a dad, get his heart broken because the girl he loved slept with someone else – and slept with him pretty recently too. She was only about seven weeks pregnant (if I am remembering correctly) which to me, means she cheated. Although it was a big jaw dropping moment for me, it also made me happy that Noel could still end up with Felicity (although I am Team Ben all the way).

Noel telling Ben (Sex with Felicity)

Episode 4×6 is a doozy of an episode. Felicity and Noel sleep together on the roof of the loft one night when Felicity is upset about her dad and Ben. They keep it a secret for many episodes until Ben and Noel get into an argument. Ben tells Noel, “You never had her and you never will!” Noel just looks at him and tells him that he already has had her. Ben looks confused but then slowly realizes what happened.

This scene between them had me standing on my couch saying “NO!” over and over again. I was like “NOEL, DON’T YOU RUIN THEIR RELATIONSHIP!!!” But he did it anyways. I was so mad and so shocked. I didn’t know what was going to happen. Ben eventually calls it off with Felicity and makes the audience wonder if she is going to get together with Noel again. Gah! It was such a great scene – perfectly written and acted. Only thing I would have changed was I wish Ben had beat the crap out of Noel instead of just leaving the loft. But, I think it shows that Ben has become a much better person over the years and isn’t like that anymore. Still it would have made the scene even better. Stupid Noel.


Todd Mulcahy (Gets Hit by a Bus)

Episode 1×12 had the biggest shocker of them all. One of Felicity’s childhood friends shows up and tries to see if there are any more sparks between him and her. She tries to avoid him and tells him at dinner one night that she can’t be with him and that she loves her boyfriend Noel. He walks away and says, “One day, I’ll get you to kiss me.” The next moment – he gets hit by a bus.

I just sat there, flabbergasted. This nice guy just got hit by a bus. It was such a shocker. I couldn’t believe it. All I could think about is if this guy dies, I’m going to be FURIOUS (I wasn’t even mad that he was trying to break Felicity and Noel up). In the end, he lives and actually has a fiance who comes to get him (who ends up being Maggie Lawson who is Juliet from ‘Psych’, which was another jaw dropping experience from me since I love that show as well).

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