The After Party – Kansas


The After Party released their new album, “Kansas,” on July 10th, 2012. This features 6 new songs (as well as a clean version of “A Better Me“) all with a classic After Party feel. Each song has a happy sound that the After Party seems to have mastered. Even the slower track “Here Comes the Rain” has a way of making you feel nice, maybe its just the band itself that has the effect, but anyways, the whole album is pretty well done.

The vocals are good in each song, but there are those occasional rawer-pitchy moments. Some people will respect those knowing that the band didn’t auto tune or enhance all of Kenny’s voice on the album.
Though it’s not perfect, it’s still really great and highly recommended.

These tracks seem a little lighter than the other songs the After Party has released. Personally, I like the route the band is going but with Kenny gone from the band now, there’s really know way to know which way the band is going to continue going until they release more new music. Every track except for “She’s Gotta Boyfriend” has a nice soft pop-rock feel similar to their recent song “California.” Who knows, TAP may keep continuing on this route instead of going back to the tech-pop sound of their self titled EP!

Kansas” is available on iTunes for $6.93.

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