‘Wilfred’ Recap: Episode 2.05 – “Control” (Also, 'shortcaps' of "Guilt" and "Now")

Sorry ‘Wilfred’ fans for not covering the last two episodes of the season. I was away from a TV and there is NO way to watch these episodes online (although I’m highly considering buying the season on iTunes). Nonetheless, here is what you missed in 100 words or less.

“Guilt:” This episode was basically Wilfred vs. babies? This concept is something that I have noticed so much recently (I have a one year old and my dog constantly fights and craves attention from us). Basically, Ryan’s sister Kristen comes to visit and is pregnant. Wilfred spends most of the episode trying to destroy the baby in the oddest of ways (sucking it out with a dirt devil and using a voodoo doll). All of which had me LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY. I love when Ryan puts up the dog gate, Wilfred “bends down and shakes the bars” acting like he can’t get over it (when he’s really a man in a dog suit). Loved loved this episode. Didn’t like Ryan’s sister who was as controlling as ever and needed a swift kick in the baby-maker. Oh wait?

“Now:” This episode deals a lot with the title, “Living in the now.” Wilfred loses his sense of smell, which to any dog is a very difficult thing to handle since it is their most important sense. He struggles to figure out what to do with himself and dives into books, slowly becoming depressed on how the world actually seems (his nose had been lying to him his whole life). He becomes EMO (that’s right, get’s the emo hair cut and the spiked collar) and tries to kill himself. I loved how Ryan responded trying to save his friend. He looked so desperate as Wilfred lay there somewhat “unconscious” (man and his best friend right?). This wasn’t as funny as “Guilt”, but that’s what this show is about: showing all ranges of emotion.

Now for a good ol’ review of last night’s episode, “Control” which, to me, was a fantastic episode because guess who has returned?! That’s right, Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann). Ryan and Jenna are on the beach looking at the “auto-tuned” version of her on the news grabbing her “squishy tits.” She’s really upset about it when guess who walks up? Amanda. Uh-oh. The scene between them is awkward and Ryan then goes and talks to Wilfred about it saying he wants to get them to like each other.

Ryan and Jenna at the beach talking about her embarrassing internet video.

Wilfred indulges a story to Ryan about how you have to let relationships “naturally” happen. He tells a story about Rex and Lady which turns out to be a horrific tale about a male dog who kills and buries his mate under the porch of the house and every time he goes and sits on the porch he gets aroused. Wilfred drops a subtle hint that “Rex” is actually him (which was unexpected, yet hilarious).

Ryan decides that a dinner party is the best option to let things “naturally” happen between Amanda and Jenna. He brings it up to Amanda during the date and the interaction between them is ADORABLE. I just love Amanda and Ryan together.

The dinner party starts out great, Drew (Chris Klein) and Jenna show up and are excited to meet Amanda who shows up with a pie, smiling and happy as ever (both women looked super hot). Drew was his typical “bro” self throughout this scene. Basically, it was going super well.

That is, until Wilfred shows up – with BEAR. This isn’t going to go well after all.

Wilfred immediately goes to meet Amanda for the first time and she FREAKS OUT. Like, yells and says, “Get him off me!” Whoa. I knew something was up when she first saw him at the office. Figures right? The great conversation between the group got SUPER awkward.

Ryan goes to yell at Wilfred in the kitchen who is just so sweet and sad, it breaks my heart. He then says that Bear jumped off the wagon and is drinking again. It gets really weird when Bear throws a beer bottle across the room. Wilfred looks at Ryan and says, “Looks like we’re in for a bumpy night.” Just great.

They all finally sit down to eat dinner when Wilfred “touches” Amanda’s plate and she asks for a  new one. Jenna offers her plate and they switch and you can just tell there is tension in the air. They start getting in this heated battle about dogs (with Wilfred in the background arguing with the now “drunk” Bear). My favorite part of this scene was Drew bringing up how much he misses “Lady.” Ha ha. Hilarious.

Ryan attempts to stop Wilfred from ruining his dinner party.

Wilfred then bumps into Amanda causing her to spill wine all over herself and she goes and changes. Ryan once again goes and complains to Wilfred. Ryan then notices that Bear has two eyes instead of one.

Ryan: “Wait, when does Bear have two eyes?”
Wilfred: “Bear stole that button off Amanda’s coat.”

Ryan gets so mad and rips the button off of Bear and Wilfred freaks out. He goes to stuff the cotton back in his head (and this was my FAVORITE part of the episode) he begins fingering the eye hole. He starts moaning and says, “Oh … that’s tight. Note to self.” HA. Such an intense episode and this was thrown in. Gosh I love this show.

Wilfred tells Ryan that he can’t control everything and can’t force them to like each other and he says, “Oh yeah? Watch me.” He goes out and tells Jenna and Drew A LIE that Amanda was attacked by a dog as a kid and that’s why she doesn’t like dogs. They completely understand and say they won’t mention it. When Amanda comes back in Ryan’s clothes, Jenna apologizes and they agree to go to a spa to spend some time together.

Wilfred then points out to Ryan that a spa means you have to take your clothes OFF. Ryan’s face drops. Uh-oh.

He grabs Amanda and gives her another lie about Jenna saying that she has a heart condition and going to a spa is bad news for her. Amanda understands and says they will do something different. Ryan is finally in the clear, so he thinks.

Amanda and Ryan share a moment while Wilfred snuggles into her crotch (which he got to sniff for the first time).

Wilfred and Ryan get in a fight about him eating all the pie and he pulls down Amanda’s pants (not once, but twice) and Jenna notices something – no scar. She confronts Amanda about it and then everyone realizes that Ryan has lied.

Amanda bursts out into this horrific monologue about why she DOESN’T like dogs – the story starts out wonderful with her history of these two dogs, Sam and Finnegan and ends horribly when she says that they ate her grandfather’s legs and face after he died. She admits to being the one to find him like this and she runs out of the room crying.

Ryan goes to confront Amanda and when he opens the door, she sees Amanda and Wilfred .. snuggling? Amanda admits that she has never felt safe around a dog before and Wilfred makes her feel that way. My favorite part of this scene is when Wilfred goes to “lick her tears off” and uses a straw to suck the tears off of her face. Amanda and Ryan make up and the episode ends with a happy ending.

Overall, I give this episode two thumbs way up. There was humor, drama and Jenna was back. It was nice seeing how they all would react to each other. I’m excited to see how their relationship will turn out. Plus, I got this weird suspicion (this may be a far reach) that Drew was into Amanda? Maybe I am the only one thinking this .. but it seemed that way.

Anyways, great episode. If you haven’t started watching this show, you should start.

The next episode, “Avoidance” airs next Thursday, Aug. 2 at 10/9 p.m. on FX.

I’m really excited about this episode because it is written by Jason Gann (the actor who plays Wilfred). The preview for the episode featured Ryan and Wilfred dancing (in B&W) to big band music. That was it. So,  I’m excited to see how the episode turns out. Check out the preview of the episode here and leave some comments down below on your favorite parts of this weeks episode/what you are looking forward to the most next week.

(After writing this review, I’ve decided to buy this season off iTunes. Expect some awesome screen caps to accompany my future reviews) 


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  1. This was definitely one of the strongest episodes of Wilfred I have seen. The scene where Ryan pulled the button off of bear actually hurt my sides. I’m happy I watched it on my Dish Remote Access app and could pause it because I laughed for a good two minutes. I have been watching Wilfred ever since a coworker at Dish recommended it and episodes like this are the reason I do.

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