Interview with the Artist of the Week: Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace is a small town boy turned rock star! He grew up in Indiana, and was the lead guitarist for The White Tie Affair. He is now on to his solo project, releasing his first solo album soon! Be sure to keep an eye on him, I see big things in his future! To see his full featured article click here.

What has the transition from being in a full band to being a solo act been like?

“I was definitely the leader and main songwriter of my old band and had most of the creative control, so the transition has been really easy.”

You said that all the music you release as a solo artist must be made up of your musical DNA. Can you describe what that means to you?

“It really just means everything I write must be real and personal. Sometimes it’s really hard to be completely vulnerable with lyrics, but writing ‘Push Rewind’ was the first time I just put it all on the line a wrote from my heart.”

What are you most excited for about your first solo album?

“I’m excited to have the chance to show the world a brand new different side of me. I’m also excited to get out and tour this fall! I just love performing and giving every piece of me on stage.”

Your first single off this new album was “Remember When (Push Rewind)”. What made you chose this over any other song on the album?

‘Remember When’ was the first song I wrote for my album. Since the day I wrote it, I just knew I wanted to release it first! Lyrically it’s a sad song, but musically it’s a celebration of how amazing being young and in love can be.”

What was first appealing about music to you?

“Music has always made me feel amazing. I just love it!! There’s a song and a sound for every mood u can be in. I’ve been obsessed with it for as long as I can remember.”

What was your family’s reaction to your wanting to play music instead if staging in Hebron and working in the family business?

”At first they didn’t get it. At first I had dreams way bigger than my abilities and I knew it. I just had to put in the time and work to become the writer, singer, and performer I’ve always dreamed of. It pretty much took signing record deal for my family and friends to completely understand how serious I was at pursuing a life in music.”

How do you think social media (Facebook, twitter, MySpace) has effected the advancement of your career?

”It’s so important. I actually got my first record deal shortly after uploading a song to MySpace. It’s so amazing how social networks allow anyone to get their music heard. Then the user gets to decide whether they like it or not to tell their friends about it.”

What song off your new album holds the most meaning to you?

”Besides ‘Remember When’, I’d have to say ‘Hurricane’. It’s a high-energy song about a girl who ripped my heart out a few years ago. Yes it hurt, but after the initial pain, I’m really glad it happened. Through it I learned the importance of falling down and getting back up again.”

What made you want to become a solo artist instead of being in a full band?

”Sometimes it’s just easier to do things without so many minds involved. When I started my solo album I had developed such a clear vision of exactly who I wanted to be and how I wanted it to sound. I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going!!”

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