Interview with The LA Complex's Dayle McLeod

Dayle McLeod is a Canadian actress. She is the youngest of three siblings, but now plays the loveable older protective sister Beth on the CW’s hit summer show ‘The LA Complex’. She has a love for music and theater. Dayle can also be seen in the two short films: “We’ll Always Have Paris” and “Two Sides”. Watch Dayle on ‘The LA Complex’ every Tuesday at 9/8c, and check out our interview with her below.

You’re a new character in Season 2 of ‘The LA Complex’. What was it like joining a cast who already knew each other so well?

“I was nervous at first. Fortunately, I already knew Joe Dinicol (Nick Wagner). I didn’t know anyone else though. It was nerve racking at first, but immediately the first person to come up to me and say “hi” was Andra Fuller. He was really welcoming, and sort of took me under his wing. It’s difficult to get to know one another on set because we often don’t work together, especially since my story line is so separate, but everyone is really friendly and it’s a great environment. We see each other in dressing rooms and catch up. We also all hang out off set. It’s not as daunting anymore!”

 Had you watched any ‘LA Complex’ episodes before joining the show?

“Oh yeah! I saw them all! I’m a huge fan.”

 What was the audition process like for Beth? Was she the character you originally planned on auditioning for?

“In the first season I auditioned for Abby, but I didn’t get it. When the audition for Beth came around I was in the middle of producing and acting in a play. I was super busy. I told my agent not to send me out for anything because I was so engulfed in this play. He called me literally the next day, and was like “I’m sorry. I know you’re crazy busy, but there’s this series regular role on ‘LA Complex’.” He knew I was a huge fan of the show and a huge fan of Martin Gero and Aaron Abrams. If I booked the part of Beth, I wouldn’t be able to do the play, because the dates conflicted. I thought it over, and I love ‘LA Complex’ too much to miss the audition. So I went in and of course I booked it. When so much other things are going on, you always end up booking roles. I was so happy and excited I booked it, but then I was also torn because that meant I couldn’t do this play that I put my heart and soul into. Fortunately, they changed the dates of the play. I was able to film my ‘LA Complex’ scenes during the day, and act in the play during the evenings. It was fun and hectic.”

 There are quite a few hook ups on ‘LA Complex’. Now it seems Beth and Cam may have a new relationship blooming. Are you a fan of the Beth and Cam relationship?

“I love it. It’s the best. If there’s anyone who Beth should date it’s Cam. Cam’s the best. The actor who plays Cam – Kristopher Turner –is fantastic. I couldn’t ask for a better screen partner. It’s great working with Kris!”

 You’ve done theater, shorts and now TV. Do you have a preference between the three?

“Well one pays a lot more [laughs], which is nice. I think I like them equally. The all have their separate challenges, but it’s all acting which I love. TV sets are fun because there are so many people, especially ‘LA Complex’. Everyone is the best. Everyone is happy to be there. Even when the crew is tired they are awesome.”

 ‘LA Complex’ has had some amazing guest stars. Is there a guest star you’d love to do a scene with?

“If they could get Ryan Gosling on the show I wouldn’t mind that [laughs]. In all seriousness though I love days when the whole cast is on set. That’s really fun.”

 Did growing up with siblings help you connect to the role of Beth?

“I have older siblings. I’m the youngest. I don’t know what it’s like having a younger sibling, but I’m super protective of my older siblings in the same way Beth is protective of Simon. I used my imagination and charged up my over protectiveness for the role. Michael Levinson (Simon) is so lovely. I can just endow him with these feelings of over protectiveness, because I would never want anything to happen to Michael.

 What has been your favorite thing to happen on the ‘LA Complex’ set when the cameras were off?

“That’s hard. The other day it was so beautiful out while Kris and I were on set. We had a lot of time before our next scene. We decided to play with a Frisbee, but we couldn’t find one. So we found a bottle of apple juice and played baseball with it. That was fun and silly!”

 Do you watch a lot of the other shows that your cast mates are on?

“Yeah. I love to! Georgina Reilly (Sabrina) is on ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ and I love watching her on that. Kris is on ‘Saving Hope’ which is also a great show and I watch Ennis Esmer on ‘The Listener’.”

 Who is your favorite musician or band?

“I love classic music, not classical music, but classic music like Bruce Springsteen. Bruce is always playing in my apartment. More modern stuff I like is Tegan and Sara and Metric.”

 If you had to choose one thing you had in common with Beth and one thing that made you different, what would you choose?

“The big difference is that Beth has more balls than I do. She’s not afraid to speak up or speak her mind. I think what we have in common is that we have the same soul. Beth also doesn’t want to comprise her integrity or Simon’s. She wants to stay true to herself and she would never sell Simon out. She isn’t trying to make Simon a child star; she’s in LA because Simon wants to be an actor and loves acting. I would never want to compromise my own integrity.”



    1. Thanks Jamie! We love the LA Complex & its cast. We will always interview anyone from the show who wants to chat with us 🙂

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