Go Radio "Close The Distance" Album Review


Go Radio is set to release their new alternative album on Fearless on September 18th.

When you first hit play on the CD the first song you get to hear is I Won’t Lie. This song is full of life, The lyrics are absolutely perfect for the music. The chorus has such a fun beat and I absolutely love it!

Baltimore slowed thing’s down a bit and built up to a catchy and soothing song that is perfect for anyone who just needs a song to brighten their day a bit.

Track 3 also known as Collide starts off with some guitar chords that sound like they’ve been used before. This song is decent, but it doesn’t stand out too much compared to some of the other songs like the next one…

Go To Hell was the first single to debut from this album. It was posted on iTunes August 7th. This song begins with piano and heartful vocals that immediately got me interested in the song. The build for the chorus introduces a faster pace and drops the chorus with a catchy beat and lyrics that are showing assertiveness and confidence in saying “Go To Hell”.

Fading into a piano ridden beginning, picking up pace along the way to powerful guitar playing for the chorus, and following from there. Lost and Found is a fun song with great backing music to support the song as a whole.

The album gets its name from the song Close The Distance. This song is about growing up and making the most of your time. Not a party song, but not a relaxing song either. This song found the perfect in between.

Quiet and slow, What If You Don’t has a heartfelt soul in the voice and beautiful piano playing to tie it together. Personally, the song is not my favorite off the record, but if you like slower songs than you probably will like it.

Next, Things I Don’t See picks up with a dancy and catchy intro and continues throughout the whole song. I listened to it over and over. Great uplifting mood with a song that makes you want to belt it out when no one is around.

A different approach to the song The Ending took me by surprise. It has a slower beginning with good drums to help and then meshes with a wonderfully written and perfectly sang verse to put you into a mind state of understanding that you don’t always have to accept the end.

Track 10, started out well and then broke into a catchy verse to pull into an even better chorus. Over Me is about not wanting to let go of someone who is ready to leave and move on. A heartbreak song at its finest.

Lastly, Hear Me Out is a great way to leave listeners wanting more and ending the record on a high note. Steady and strong, yet pleading for hope and striving for something better. I found this song relatable and amazing for a slower song.


Overall this album was great and I know I won’t be able to stop listening to it for a while and I’m glad Go Radio put everything they did into this album! It left me wanting more!




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