Band of the Week: Le Paige

Genre: Pop Rock

Location: Hollywood CA


Bio: Le Paige has the personality, the musicality, and the looks. It’s undeniable that they have it all! Because of their hard work and pure tallent, they have been able to play events like Warped Tour, KROQ Locals Only Showcase, and the LA County Fair. They have been featured in magazines and have recently opened for Go Radio and Safetysuit.

Why they are the band of the week: One word: Kicksktarter! There are bands we’ve fallen in love with because of their Kickstarter and Le Paige is no exception. Kickstarter has done more for the music community that you can imagine! It’s helped us discover new bands (like Le Paige), it helps bands become more successful (like Le Paige) and it shows us how creative and hilarious bands can be. So what are you waiting for? Donate to Le Paige’s Kickstarter here!

Check out their music:

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