‘Pretty Little Liars’: Single Fright Female 3.11 Recap

In the beginning of the episode, Hanna is trying to find clothes to wear to school that allow her wound to heal and puts on a skirt that she would normally never be caught in. Wren then calls Hanna and Spencer tries to get her to answer the phone. Hanna acts like she doesn’t care and Spencer, trying to tell her that she also fell for him, calls him “Downton Grabby.”

Downstairs, Ashley’s boyfriend, Ted, found the jump drive they thought they had given to Ian forever ago under a church pew. The videos were recordings of the girls being spied on. As Hanna is leaving, she tries to take the drive with her but her mom catches her. Ashley then goes in to protective mode and asks Hanna if she knew about the videos and if it was Mona’s doing. Ashley tells Hanna that she is going to watch all the videos then turn the drive in to the police.

Aria shows up at Ezra’s place for his birthday and he just doesn’t feel like celebrating it. He then brings up Maggie and that he wrote an e-mail to her (that he never sent) because he was worried about Maggie being messed up from him mom paying her to leave.

At school, Spencer shows Aria pictures and information from the surveillance video at the cabin and talk about who they believe to be on the “A Team”. Spencer says that Hanna still believes that Noel and Jenna are on the “A Team.” They then see Cece walking around the school asking people to help with a trunk show. She then sees Emily walking with Paige and tells Spencer about how Alison and Paige (“Pigskin”) had it out for each other.

In an Alison flashback, we see Spencer and Ali trying on different clothes. On Ali’s back is a huge scar and she tells the girls that she fell in soccer and “Pigskin” kicked her.

Aria goes to a daycare center and for some reason is called “Amy” and the girl, who turns out to be believes she is an undergrad. A young boy walks over to the table to ask her if he can have a play date with Brian. Aria finds it cute that they ask her about everything when she tells Aria that Brian is her son. Maggie then tells her that if she’s trying to do the math, that yes, she was a teenage mom.

Spencer stops Emily at school and tries to talk to Emily about Paige and how she hasn’t been telling her everything. Spencer tells Emily about what Cece told her about Paige being “Pigskin” and Emily thinks that history is repeating itself. When Alison was alive, she always tried to pit the girls against each other and now Cece is taking over that spot by putting thoughts in to each others’ heads.

At school, Hanna goes to Jenna to tell her that the jump drive that was found at the church was not turned in by the girls and that they had nothing to do with it. Nate stops Hanna outside and talks to her about Emily and how he thinks that Emily is playing games with him. Hanna says that she isn’t the only one and looks to Jenna. Nate says that he agrees and that one day she is talking to him, then the next it’s like she looks right through him and Hanna tells him that she perfected that when she “was still pretending to be Helen Keller.” Nate begins yelling to Jenna about how he knows she can see him and also says, “I know you saw me.” Saw? Something doesn’t quite add up with the last sentence.

In another Ali flashback, Ali stole some stationary from Emily and was writing Paige a note from Emily. She then sees Paige leaving a note in a street sign. She had told Paige to leave the note under the sign and then she goes and confronts Paige there on the spot. Ali threatens to send it to Paige’s dad who is a deacon at a church. When she gets back to the car, she yells a few times at Cece to drive. Back in the present, Cece tells Spencer that she thinks Ali was scared of Paige.

At Emily’s house, Emily starts asking Paige about Ali and what all happened. Paige questions Emily as to why her friends are talking ABOUT her and not TO her. She questions Emily as to the possibility of it her friends are behind everything. She points out that out of the four girls at Spencer’s house she was the only one to get drugged. Emily immediately backs her friends by telling Emily that she would trust the girls with her life and doesn’t think that they did anything to her.

Aria finds Wes at Ezra’s house and asks why he told her about Maggie. Aria then tells Wes about her trip out to see Maggie to be able to tell Ezra that she is ok. She then tells Wes that she is doing fine, and is a mother-of a seven year old little boy that looks a lot like Ezra in a younger picture of him. Wes can’t believe it and wonders if maybe she was just worried about Ezra’s current girlfriend being there and she tells him that she didn’t know.

At the location of the trunk show, Spencer is in a dressing room looking through boxes when the dead bolt on the door silently turns and locks. All of a sudden, there is a snake coming out of one of the boxes and attacks Spencer and she is locked in the room. After yelling for Cece for a bit, she comes to the door and lets Spencer out and immediately begins attacking the snake. The way she attacked the snake was a bit skilled in the smashing department…

When Hanna shows up to help Cece and Spencer, Spencer begins talking about the snake and how she definitely said “snake” in front of Paige and she thinks that it was Paige who did it. Emily then calls to tell Hanna that the knife they found has gone missing and when she hangs up, Spencer says that Paige probably took it. Hanna asks why Paige would break in for that and Spencer points out that she wouldn’t have to break in if she was invited in. The girls go outside to the dress racks and Cece gives them dresses to try on. When Hanna gets her dress and goes to the dressing room to change in to her dress, the door begins to slowly open and Hanna is yanked out of the room. Luckily, it was just Caleb and he came to tell Hanna that he had talked to her mom and talked her out of taking the videos to the police because of a video of Hanna changing in to a bikini during one of the videos. She then tells him that she doesn’t think that Jenna is the one they have to be afraid of anymore.

Ezra shows up and tells Aria and Wes that he talked to Maggie and that she is doing well. The one thing she doesn’t tell him about though, is her son. While they’re about to eat cake, Aria and Wes talk about why she didn’t tell them and Wes thinks that his mom may have paid her to keep it a secret from Ezra.

Emily and Paige then show up at the store the trunk sale is out and while Emily goes to try on a dress, Paige asks Spencer if she can help and they begin to talk. Paige says that the jewelry isn’t her style as she likes to stay under the radar and that being with Emily has made her more confident. Hanna asks Paige to bring a dress to Emily to try on and to help her so that they can look in Paige’s bag to see if the knife may be in there. Emily comes out earlier than they think and finds them looking through Paige’s bag. She stalks off saying that she is changing then leaving. When Paige goes back to Emily, Hanna says that now Paige will never like them and Spencer tells her oh well, we needed proof of something being off with Paige and now they have it. What they have wasn’t shown, but it’s assumed that it is the knife as that is what they were looking for.

When Emily takes Paige back to her house, Paige tells Emily about the relationship with her and Ali. She points out that Ali always hated her. Paige then pointed out to Emily that she could do worse to herself than she could to Ali but that she wouldn’t let Ali win. She couldn’t.

Back at home, Hanna asks her mom if she watched the videos on the drive. She said she did and would take care of the videos. One of the reasons why she didn’t want to turn in the videos was because there was a video taken of her and Detective Wilden from a night where she was drunk and Detective Wilden drove her home. Whatever happened could mess up the future she has with Ted. So she ended up putting the drive in the blender and breaking it to pieces.

What Spencer found in Paige’s bag was the other earring from Ali’s grave. The only other person that would have that would be the person that dug up Ali’s grave.

When Paige goes inside to wash off her face, Jenna goes over to talk to Emily but shies away from it when she sees two mugs sitting out. All she ends up telling Emily is to be VERY careful with who she hangs out with and then gets in a cab with luggage and drives off. When Paige comes back out, Emily’s phone is going off, Spencer is calling her, and she declines the call and acts like nothing happened.

Something that never happens at the end of an episode with ‘A’ is that there were TWO people in black selecting a song on a jukebox and one person hands the apartment key to the other.


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