‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap 4.06 “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”

Elena’s hallucinations are in full swing as a bloody Connor frequently appears to taunt her. When Jeremy responds to her screams, she stabs him, thinking its Connor attacking her. Gasp. Thankfully, Jeremy’s still wearing his beloved ring and he returns to life, bloody and confused, but alive.

Elena and Stefan are at loggerheads because of his secrets and lies. Little does she know that everything he’s done is to save her from the torture she’s going through.

“By the break up drama unfolding before me I assume you’ve met Haley.” ~ Klaus

Klaus is back from his excavating adventure and he’s one unhappy vamp. He perks up when Caroline arrives at Tyler’s house, a box of Tyler’s goods in tow, and implies that their relationship is over. A ruse to fool Klaus.

“It was the only period in my life when I actually felt time.” ~ Klaus

Klaus arrives at Elena’s house to shed some light on her hallucinations. Having suffered for fifty-two years after killing the original five vampire hunters, he’s no newbie to the torment that comes as a consequence for killing a hunter. Witches and their spells. In an attempt to protect Elena from harming herself, Klaus zaps her home and locks her in a dungeon-like room. No windows and a locked door guarded by hybrids.

“Don’t you ever stop crying? Poor Elena. Always the victim.” ~ Katherine

Alone, Elena’s tormented by Connor. He’s everywhere, hell bent on driving her crazy. And after a long absence, Katherine finally appears (cheers all round!). She’s sexy and sassy and has a few taunts of her own.

Stefan calls for re-enforcements and the friends rally together to save Elena. Together, they free her but thinking Stefan is Connor, Elena attacks him and runs. Stefan calls Damon and hands over the reigns to his brother to find Elena and save her.

“I’m a monster and I deserve to die.” ~ Elena

Elena head to Wickory Bridge, a fitting place for another death. She imagines her mother, sweet and reassuring as ever, but instead of calming Elena and offering words of comfort, Mamma Gilbert encourages Elena to kill herself. Nice. A touching scene between them nonetheless. Elena tosses her daylight ring into the water and awaits the blaze of the sun. Damon arrives to talk some sense into her whilst Connor’s still around, trying to keep his grip on Elena before he’s vanquished for good.

“Little Gilbert. Your services are needed.” ~ Damon

Damon and Bonnie approach Professor Shane for advice on the hunter’s mark and how to break the curse and end Elena’s torment. The only release? Find a new hunter to take over from the old. A new potential to kill a vampire. Enter Jeremy. With Stefan’s help, he kills a hybrid, a friend of Tyler. And just like that, the curse is broken and Elena is set free. As for Jeremy … with the death of his first vamp kill, his arm tattoo grows. A new vamp hunter in town?

“I fished it out of the river for you. A little tip. Vampires hate to swim.” ~ Damon

Damon saves Elena, rescues her ring, and takes her home. She awakes with a clear head, free from Connor and clear on her relationship with Damon. She reaches for him, a sweet moment, and Damon steps up and spills the beans on the reason behind Stefan’s lies and secrecy.

“Did I say I’m in the market for a new drinking buddy? You’re not qualified.” ~ Damon (to Matt)

April recognizes Professor Shane but she’s unable to place him. This sparks Matt to do some research on the explosion at her father’s farm. He takes his discovery to Damon, a discovery that links Pastor Young to Professor Shane.

“Something’s changed between Damon and me. Much more than it ever used to be.” ~ Elena

In another porch moment of raw honesty, Elena and Stefan have a much needed heart to heart. And of course, Damon’s name comes up. With a little coaxing from Stefan, Elena finally admits her feelings for Damon. A sad moment for this couple whose relationship seems to be drawing to a close.

Points to Ponder …

I was thrilled to see a glimpse of Katherine again. She’s been silent for far too long. Love the way Elena switches between Elena and Katherine. Tearful and confused one moment, feisty and confident the next. Now that’s talent.

Damon’s in top form this season. He’s cocky, sexy, and full of the witty dialogue that makes him Damon. And of course, he still keeps the memory of his best buddy, Alaric Saltzman, alive by having the odd drink on him and saving him a spot at the bar.

It’s great that Jeremy’s role has upped a notch to a potential vampire hunter. He’s been shunted around by vampires for far too long. Little Gilbert has a new purpose in life – and a complicated one at that.


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