Best Tours of 2012

Tours 2012



2012 was an amazing year for touring; tours came out more often with killer lineups and even better set lists. Below is a list of the best tours of 2012.

Everything’s Fine Symphony Soldier Tour

Lineup: The Cab/The Summer Set, He Is We, Days Difference, Paradise Fears.

Why: Anytime that you put a bunch of bands who are all friends with each other on the same tour, the energy is amazing. The artists were having the time of their lives, and as a result, so was everyone in the crowd. This tour was also one where every single band came out after the show to meet the fans. For those lucky enough to see this tour, it was also the last tour that He Is We played with their original lineup.

All The Way Tour

Lineup: Allstar Weekend, Before You Exit, Hollywood Ending, The After Party.

Why: A whole bunch of cute band boys take the stage to provide you with hours of eye candy, what’s bad about that? In addition to the looks all 4 bands are incredibly, and perhaps unexpectedly, talented. Harmonies for days and amazing stage presence combined with an infectious beat made for an awesome show. This tour was also Allstar Weekend’s first tour after leaving their Disney label Hollywood Records.

The Rock Show At The End of the World

Lineup: All Time Low, The Summer Set, The Downtown Fiction/Hit The Lights

Why: Just look at the lineup. Whoever created this lineup ensured that no matter what band you bought your ticket for, you knew the other three playing. That kind of seamless transition between sets is rare and underappreciated. All Time Low played one of the best sets they’ve ever gone on tour with. They threw it back in the best way playing hits like “Shameless” and “Jasey Rae”.

The Mainday Tour

Lineup: The Maine/Mayday Parade, The Postelles

Why: When you put the unstoppable charisma of The Maine and the sultry hits of Mayday Parade in the same room, nothing can go wrong.

Collide With The Sky Tour

Lineup: Pierce The Veil/Sleeping With Sirens, Tonight Alive, Hands Like Houses

Why: I think we can all agree that putting Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes on the same stage was one of the best moments that the pop-rock/metal core scene has ever experienced. The energy on this tour was electric and the crowd was one of the loudest and most energetic I’ve ever seen.




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