'Community' Recap — Season 4 Premiere, "History 101."


The cruel beginnings of the Hunger Deans
The cruel beginnings of the Hunger Deans

Happy October 19th, everybody! Community is finally back and is ready to start the ball rolling again—pun intended. “What pun?” you may ask, since you probably haven’t watched the episode, considering you’re here. Well, the joke stems from the fact that this episode partially revolves around Jeff getting Dean’s balls. Red balls that he’s set up in something of an obstacle course that a student needs to reserve a spot in “A History of Ice Cream,” which happens to be the only history credit available first semester…

And the last class that Jeff needs in order to graduate.

Dramatic music!

Apparently Jeff took some classes over the summer and only needs one history credit in order to finally get his degree and work on becoming a lawyer again, and the reality of him leaving has Abed panicking about the ever approaching fact that, yes, in one year, most of the students in the study group will be done with school and move on in their life. To deal with this, Britta suggests that Abed go to “his happy place,” which happens to be a place in his head that is suspiciously like the actual show Community, if Community were the type of show that had a laugh track.

Seems like a fairly stable relationship
Seems like a fairly stable relationship

Also, Britta/Troy is officially a “thing,” apparently, though tensions run high and it’s a mystery whether it will last for long. I’m guessing not, considering Community’s lasting record of fluidity in the shipping sense of things—and in a twist of fate, Dean Pelton has magically ended up in the condo next to Jeff’s! What a coincidence, right?

Will Jeff make the history credit and graduate early? Are Britta and Troy going to stay a thing? Why does Chang have amnesia? Will Community get back on its feet after the brutal loss of Dan Harmon? Will the Dean ever get all that popcorn out of his car?!

I have no idea when, or if, any of these questions are going to be answered, but there’s no point in not tuning in to the next episode of Community—next Thursday the 14th on NBC at 8/7c!

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