'The Bachelor' 17×09: Sean Tells All


Last week on The Bachelor, Sean had had enough of Tierra, sending her home at the rose ceremony. This week was hometowns, where he met with the four remaining girls and their families and ended up sending Desiree home after drama with another man. AshLee and Sean met first where they had lots of serious discussion and the least drama. He then met with Catherine in Seattle where they had a long, fun date together around Pike Place Market before going back to her family which put some confusion in Sean’s head. Next, he went to Lindsay’s to meet her General father after being put through the Army paces, and he came out unscathed. Lastly, he went to Desiree’s house where she pranks him (a lot better than he did to her, but just like on his hometown with Emily) by making him think an ex-boyfriend had come back for her. After that, he meets Desiree’s parents and brother. Although everything seems to go very smoothly with the parents, her brother is completely awful to both Des and Sean, possibly scaring him away. In the end, he doesn’t know who to send home but he ends up sending Desiree home after being called a playboy by her brother. If I were Des I would be absolutely livid with my brother.

Tonight, Sean Lowe sits down with Chris Harrison to discuss what has happened so far this season and how he feels about some of the drama and girls he has sent home.

Sending Desiree Home:

Before, Sean was saying he didn’t know about Catherine or Desiree, and now he says there was a resounding yes to wanting to keep Catherine but not for Des. I wonder why he has changed that statement… It’s the first time there’s been a big confrontation on one of the hometowns and it’s truly one of the most awkward events. We get a new clip of Sean and the brother chatting and getting really friendly when he first got there. That’s a bit weird, what’s off with that guy?

Sending Sarah, Selma, and Lesley M Home:

Sean raves about Sarah for a while and I like that he’s so caring about her still. Sean’s reveal that he felt no passion on his last kiss with Sarah was enlightening. I’m glad that it wasn’t all about the family photos but just something with them not clicking. It’s really great that he has such nice things to say about her.

We get extra clips of Sean and Selma’s eskimo and eyelash kisses when they were trying to do everything but actually kiss on the lips. They seemed like they had such amazing chemistry, and now we get to find out exactly why Sean sent her home. It’s unfortunate that Selma kissed him on the night that he had decided to send her home.

We get an extra clip of Lesley M and Sean feeding each other brownies and making it as sexy as possible. Lesley definitely had a great sense of humour with Sean that he needs. He goes on to explain that they had a few awkward moments when she wanted to say she loved him but didn’t and it probably would have changed whether he sent her home or not. That definitely could have made the final three quite a lot different.

Tierra Talk:

She has been one of the most talked about girls ever on the show. Sean explains that his sister was in St Croix with him and he had her meet Tierra, but when he went to get Tierra he walked in on an incredibly crazy night. Sean says Tierra shouldn’t have come on the show, because he felt like he had been duped. They discuss the week in Montana because everyone focused on Tierra and her drama instead of being with him. We learn that one cocktail party consisted of a multiple hour long fight between the girls which traveled through the rooms. That’s insane!

Next Episodes:

Everyone knows the fantasy suites are just a place to have sex with the girls (not like there are no chances before that), but when Chris asked Sean about it all he had to say was “it’s none of your business.” Well that’s no fun…

What did you think of the reveals?

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