Interview with The Real World: Portland's Joi Niemeyer

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Joi Niemeyer stars on this season of MTV’s “The Real World: Portland”.  She grew up in Seattle, Washington and attended the University of Washington. She posed for Playboy when she was 19! Check out our interview with Joi below. We discuss her reaction to finding out she was moving to Portland, her relationship with Daisy and Jess, her Playboy experience, and her love for Channing Tatum.

Have you ever been to Portland before? Were you excited when you found out that that’s where your season was filming?

“I have been to Portland many times before. I actually live in Seattle so it’s not too far of a drive to go to Portland. It’s only like three hours away. I was actually extremely bummed when I found out we were filming in Portland. It wasn’t really an adventure for me, since I’ve been to Portland so many times.”

Where would you have liked to live/film for three months?

“Last years season was in the Virgin Islands, so I though this season was going to be in like Brazil or Australia or something.  I got my passport and was all ready to go over sees, and then I get the call saying “you’re going to Portland, Oregon”. I was like you’re kidding me!! I went through all that, and I got my passport for Oregon? [laughs]. I was like damn! I was pretty devastated.”

You were live tweeting with the premiere. What was it like seeing yourself on TV for the first time?

“It was crazy! I had to do a double take. I was like OMG that’s us! Hearing your voice on TV and listening to the soundtrack MTV plays is definitely a trip. We were all super excited. We all texted each other Wednesday night. It was exciting, but definitely a weird experience too.”

We know that Twitter enhances the ‘Real World’ experience. What was the best tweet you got Wednesday night?

“A lot of people tweeted me about my spandex that I was wearing. I thought those were hilarious. I replied back with “yup…and I still wear them!” Those were super funny.”

Was there footage from the premiere  that they didn’t air and you wished they had?

“There was. I feel like there’s going to be a lot of episodes where I wish they’d show more, so the audience can have a better understanding of why we react to things the way we do. I feel like that’s something I’m going to have to get used to, but that’s why I have twitter so I can tweet or blog about the show and explain myself if need be.”

You and Marlon got driven to the house in a carriage/buggy what was that experience like?

“[Laughs]. It was cool! I’d never been on one before. We actually had no idea where we were going, so what you didn’t see was us actually go into the wrong house at first, because we couldn’t find our real house. We  passed our house, and then had to turn around and go find it. It was a good time. We got to know each other and joked around a lot!”

You guys have a pet this season! Are you an animal lover, or do you wish Averey had left Daisy at home?

“I’m an animal love for sure! I was so excited that we had a dog, and I helped Daisy gain eight pounds while she lived in our house. I miss Daisy now! She was my little sidekick, although I think she liked Johnny better.”

You and Jess chose to be roommates, and you ladies seemed pretty close in the premiere, but we’ve seen the Twitter drama, so who are closest to now that filming has ended?

“Ya…Jess and I did seem close. We hit it off at first, but I’m closest to Nia now actually. Nia’s my girl!”

Did you watch ‘The Real World’ before auditioning?

“I only saw one season. I didn’t watch all of it actually, but I saw most of Vegas. The one with Nany, Heather, Dustin, Adam, etc. I think I was a Junior in college when that aired.”

Can you tell us about your Playboy experience, and what that was like for you?

“Ya! I’m actually Playboy’s Coed of the Week right now, so that’s very exciting! I was in college when I posed. It was a very cool experience. I got to go to the Chicago headquarters for my photographs. I had an amazing time with the photographers and editors. It was a blast. I never felt uncomfortable or anything. They didn’t make me do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. It was just fun! I would do it again!”

We see you tweet Marie and Toya (from Real World: St. Thomas) all the time. How did that friendship form?

“Every year the older RW seasons welcome the new season. It’s like a big family. Marie and Toya were so welcoming and we’ve been able to keep our friendship growing. We tweet, call and text each other a lot. They’ve taken me under their wings. Any questions I have about this whole experience they answer for me. They walk me through their experience and help me out! They’re so sweet!”

Have you guys met?

“Not yet!”

You’re going to the MTV Movie Awards. Whose one actor/actress you’re dying to meet?

“OMG! Channing Tatum! He’s gorgeous. He’s someone I definitely want to meet. I may even try and dance with him [laughs].”

Speaking of movies. What is your favorite movie and TV show?

Ridiculousnessis my all time favorite show, and my favorite movie is Wedding Crashers!”






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