‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Episode 4.16 “Bring It On”


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After a brief hiatus, The Vampire Diaries is back and not without Damon’s witty comments, some bedroom shenanigans, and a few mysteries. Elena

“I can’t believe you’re making me say this. Hey, show a little restraint.” ~ Damon

Elena’s taken a page out of Damon’s vampire trick book … play dead in the middle of the road, wait until a poor unsuspecting soul comes to your rescue …, and then eat her. Fortunately, for the victim, Damon steps in to stop Elena from killing her.

“Well, in your case, I favor hospitality over unpleasantness, but I have been known to change my mind on a whim.” ~ Klaus

Klaus comes to Haley’s rescue when a vampire attacks her. The vampire’s quick to disappear but doesn’t get away without a lethal bite from Klaus. Klaus takes Haley back to his mansion, Haley and Klauswines and dines her, and attempts to get her spill the beans on Katherine’s whereabouts. The sparks start to fly almost immediately and after some playful banter, Klaus and Haley enjoy some hot bedroom (or lounge) Olympics. Klaus and Haley? Really?

“What? It’s nothing you guys haven’t seen before.” Elena

Elena’s numb, cold, and full of mischief – a complete contrast to the tearful Elena we’ve seen in the past. Whilst Damon and Stefan are debating what to do with her, she walks into the room in her birthday suit. Loved their reactions! Damon uses the sire bond to send Elena off to school without eating anyone. Right.

“So I just came up with a list. It’s called ‘things you suck at.’” ~ Damon

Damon’s onto the fact that Klaus has made contact with Haley (who played a role in helping Katherine find the cure.) Damon wants to question Haley but according to Klaus, “she’s off limits.” Instead, Klaus sends Damon on a wild goose chase to track down the vamp that attacked Haley. Rebekah joins Damon on his search for the mysterious vampire. They’re hoping that by finding the sick vamp and offering him a vile of Klaus’s healing blood, he’ll give them the scoop on Katherine’s whereabouts. When the vamp turns out to be a blast from Damon’s past, Damon immediately rips out his heart. Hm. Some secrets are better left buried? Or not.

Elena and Stefan“Think about it. Elena’s sire bond stems from her feelings for you, right? With her humanity off, she has no feelings.” ~ Stefan

Elena opts to join the cheerleading team – a fact that has Caroline excited for all of three minutes until she realizes that Elena’s eating their competition. Apparently, the sire bond is no longer in play now that Elena has turned the switch on her emotions. The cheerleading performance goes pear shaped when Elena purposely steps back instead of catching Caroline – who slams to the ground. Ouch. In an attempt to get Elena under control, Stefan stabs her with a shot of vervain and takes her home. When Elena awakes, she strips in front of Stefan, and implies that he should turn off his feelings for her. Before Stefan can reply, a bunch of high school teenagers in search of a wild party invades the Salavatore mansion. Thanks, Elena.

“You fight like a girl.” ~ Elena

Sherriff Forbes crashes the party and questions Elena about the missing blood from the local hospitals. When the sheriff says she’s going to call off the party, Elena threatens her and slams her up against the wall. Caroline’s furious and a sets chase after Elena. A fight breaks out in the Elena and Carolinewoods between the two vamp girls and seconds before Elena rams a wooden stake into Caroline, Damon stops her. Poor Caroline. She’s lost her boyfriend and her besty.

“Well, I’m not big on goal setting, but let’s just imagine a time when you don’t want to kill your best friend.” ~ Damon

Damon hauls out an old picture of himself and Haley’s vamp attacker. The mystery deepens. Elena and Damon share a quiet moment of honesty about what Elena’s lack of emotions mean for them as a couple. A sweet scene that lacked the romantic punch I was hoping for. Anyone else keen on a little more romance in the show?

“He’s not coming back.” ~ Caroline

Caroline’s still attempting to reach Tyler, leaving him dozens of voice messages, but she eventually gets the message that he’s gone for good. Matt summons Caroline to Tyler’s house. Tyler’s left the deed to the house to Matt, hoping that the house will offer Caroline some protection. Matt hands her a letter written by Tyler, and the message is simple – Tyler’s not coming back.

“You know, I’m really not in the mood to Scooby Doo our way into the case of the stolen blood supply.” ~ Damon

Someone’s stocking up on blood and Stefan’s quick to piece together that Silus is in town. Damon snubs Stefan’s attempt to discuss his suspicions over the phone as Damon’s on a road trip with Elena and not in the mood to play detective. Instead, he’s headed to New York. A trip sparked by the mystery vampire friend or an attempt to introduce Elena to some fun?

What’s with the mysterious vampire? What’s Silus up to? Will we ever get to see a glimpse of Katherine again? Will we see more of Klaus and Haley together? As for Damon and Elena on a road trip alone together in New York … that could be interesting!

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