AWKWARD. Episode 3.03 “A Little Less Conversation” Recap – The Asian Mafia always knows.

MTV AWKWARD. 3.03 A Little Less Conversation

So, this week’s episode flew by at lightning speed. It may have something to do with us being spoiled with a two-episode premiere last week. I still maintain that AWKWARD. should be turned into an hour-long show – because we can’t get enough of Tamara-isms, sassy Sadie, or outrageous Val. Though we all would have loved to see more of the Asian Mafia, it’s a sign that you’re doing something right when viewers get so into the story that they don’t even realize the show is over and we’re back to another week-long wait for a new episode. Anyway, let’s get to the recap, shall we?


Sadie and Matty in Awkward. 3.03 A Little Less ConversationWell, after Sadie‘s colorful confession last week about wanting Ricky Schwartz dead, it’s no surprise that Val called in a detective to try and get a murder confession out of Sadie. Oddly enough, Matty ends up being a really good friend to her throughout the whole thing – talking with her when the entire school has pretty much shunned her. The two get so close that, by the end of the episode, Sadie tells him about her family’s financial status – and also admits that she’s pretty much alone as a result, since her mother is in rehab and her father has skipped the country.

Anyway, to return to the alleged “murder mystery,” apparently when Ricky was found, they also found some evidence that he’d been having sex with someone right around that same time… or something. So, they think someone must have killed him or at least been there when he ate the peanut. However, Sadie points out – in typical sassy Sadie fashion, as only Sadie can – that Ricky was pretty much sleeping with the entire school, so it doesn’t make her guilty.

Val Sadie and the Detective in Awkward. 3.03 A Little Less ConversationWhen Val (Desi Lydic) still doesn’t buy it, Sadie (Molly Tarlov) makes a surprising confession to prove her [literal] innocence: she didn’t give Ricky her v-card. The detective then tells Sadie that he doesn’t believe she had anything to do with Ricky’s death and lets her go. [But not before pointing out that he totally gets why people would think she killed him. I mean, we can certainly all see that – and Sadie didn’t exactly pull her punches during the interrogation.] So, with that, Sadie’s name is cleared.

Val, meanwhile, decides that she’s going to turn the school into a peanot zone – meaning no more peanuts allowed – to prevent another peanut-related death like Ricky Schwartz‘s. Basically, all this means that Val runs around the school confiscating nuts – which ties in perfectly to Jenna‘s storyline this week, as Matty has confiscated his nuts from her, if you know what I mean…. [Wait, was that weird? Well… Val walked us all right into that one.]

Tamara Jenna Ming and Henry in Awkward. 3.03 A Little Less ConversationBasically, Jenna and Matty have hit the awkward phase of their relationship, in which Matty refuses to have sex with Jenna – but at the same time, won’t really tell her why. Tamara thinks that his distance is because of the pregnancy scare. In an attempt to smooth things over – and avoid having to talk with MattyJenna agrees to Tamara’s request for a B.F.G.F.B.F.F. [That’s just a fancy way of saying “boyfriend-girlfriend-best-friends-forever” group date for all the girls and their boyfriends.]

Since we also learn that Ming (Jessica Lu) has a new boyfriend of her own named Henry, Jenna invites them along for the date. So, the three girls and their boyfriends go on a group date together. After a couple random Chinese Fire Drills [which is basically just an excuse for Tamara to be able to sit next to Jake, and for Jenna to be able to sit as far as possible from Matty], they take off in Jake’s car for a night on the town.

BFGFBFF Group Date in Awkward. 3.03 A Little Less ConversationJenna (Ashley Rickards) manages to successfully avoid one-on-one time with Matty throughout the date. She panics when it’s over and demands the group head inside for a game of charades so she won’t have to leave with Matty. She ends up hurting Tamara and Matty’s feelings though when Jenna singles Jake out during her turn – giving movie clues that only Jake would know because they watched it together on one of their dates.

Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed), who we all know isn’t one to sugar-coat things, drags her off to the bathroom to confront Jenna about it – and demand that Jenna stop acting like Jake is still her boyfriend. Jenna apologizes, and admits to being scared that Matty‘s going to break up with her. Tamara helps her see that she felt more comfortable telling Jake about the pregnancy scare because Jake (Brett Davern) is sort of like a girl [which Tamara points out is also the reason Tamara and Jake’s relationship works so well].

The BFGFBFF Group Date in Awkward. 3.03 A Little Less ConversationShe goes on to assure Jenna that Matty (Beau Mirchoff) probably isn’t trying to break up with her over it. She thinks Matty’s just still got his feelings hurt over the whole thing – specifically that he’s hurt that Jenna felt comfortable enough telling Jake about the scare but wouldn’t tell Matty – and wants to talk to her about it.

Jenna finally goes to find him and the two have their “talk” – and Jenna learns that Tamara was right. The two talk it out – and end up making out – but not before they have a real conversation about their non-friends status. Jenna admits that she’s scared Matty will dump her if she tells him anything too embarrassing, but she seems more confident after Matty assures her that he’s not going to treat her badly like he did when they were just closet-friends with benefits.

Becca and Ming in Awkward. 3.03 A Little Less ConversationSpeaking of relationships and dates, the fan-favorite Asian Mafia is back this week and Ming is back to dating Fred Wu. However, she’s hiding her relationship status from the Asian Mafia – obviously – since they’re still majorly creeping on her life. She manages to convince them – and their leader Becca (Jessika Van) – that she’s dating the previously mentioned guy named Henry, but she actually spent the entire summer learning Mandarin and dating Fred Wu in secret.

I suppose the big question now: will Ming be able to maintain the secrecy of her true relationship status? Answer: that’s a trick question because the Asian Mafia really is everywhere – and they always know what’s up. Watch your back, Ming.


Episode 3.04 “Let’s Talk About Sex” Synposis: Matty’s and Jenna’s families get together for dinner. People find out about Sadie’s new penniless status. Tamara tells Jake she’s ready to take the next step in their relationship.

This all-new AWKWARD. episode will air on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 10/9pm on MTV.

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