Bad News True Believers: The CW Network has taken CULT off its line-up.


Well, with Rockne O’Bannon tweeting out confirmation, I guess we all know how Billy feels right about now. CULT has officially been removed from The CW’s Friday night line-up – and every other line-up. Unfortunately, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming. The CW Network wasn’t exactly doing it’s job with CULT promotions.

Making it follow a show like Hart of Dixie right out of the gate certainly did not help it’s case any, either. They’re not exactly targeted at the same audience. However, I did think it would at least make it through the rest of the season. Now I guess we’ll never know whether Jeff and Nate are reunited, Skye learns more about Steven Rae’s connection to her father’s disappearance, Kelly ever manages to find her sister, or if the shady detective gets outed. Here’s to hoping there will be a DVD release for the fans to be able to see the final episodes.

The cast and crew have been tweeting out their appreciation for the show’s followers – but it’s still a rough day for all the True Believers out there. What do you think about the cancellation – comparable to a knife in the gut?

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Matt Davis CULT Renewed

Matt Davis CULT

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