'Hart of Dixie' Recap – Episode 2.19 "The Kiss"


In full disclosure I am Team Zade all the way.  Also in full disclosure I despise squish names and tend to only use them if I am mocking that particular pairing.  But I swear I am not knocking Wade and Zoey. Pinky swear.  Told you I meant it.  But I did feel I had to let you, the reader, know where my loyalties lie.  Because it is not with George and Zoey which is important to know because “The Kiss” was all about the build-up to their first “official” kiss.

But before we get to the kiss there were so many other more interesting things going on in the town of Blue Bell.  I told you I wasn’t a fan of them.  Like how about the too cute for words Wanda and Tom becoming parents to a bee colony.  If that sentence caused a double take obviously you are new to the show because that’s nothing.  Can I just put in the request now that Tom and Wanda be in every episode of Hart of Dixie?  They don’t even need lines, just have them stand in the background looking adorable.  They named their bees people.  Named them.  Yeah I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.

This KissMayor Lavon Hayes is freaking out over performing in the town’s version of Romeo & Juliet because of a childhood trauma that involved a scarecrow, Lavon, and apparently quite a bit of stuttering.  Isn’t it amazing how embarrassing moments in our childhood never really go away.  I’m still not over an incident that involved granny panties, a skirt, and a hallway full of 10th graders.  However unlike myself, Lavon after making excuse after excuse as to why he couldn’t perform the scene with Annabeth finally came clean about his fear.  Now if this had been me my reaction would probably have been to laugh, loudly.  But it was Annabeth, who is considerably nicer than I am, so she just assured her man that if they stunk they stunk but at least they did it together.  Normally at this point I am gagging on sugary sweetness but these two pull it off with out going too far overboard.  In fact the whole show is full of cotton candy goodness but it works for them.  Unlike some other shows.

My new favorite bromance is the one blossoming between Wade Kinsella and Lemon Breeland. Is it called a bromance when it’s between a guy and a girl?  Whatever, I love them.  Whichever writer decided that those two should be running the Rammer Jammer together bless you my child, bless you.  And after the complete character assignation they put Wade through a few episodes back it’s good to be able to go back to not being ticked off that he stupidly cheated on Zoe and left her broken hearted.  Yeah I am still pissed about that.  I made no freaking sense whatsoever.  I mean really.  Ugh.  Writers I strongly suggest you go back and watch Dawson’s Creek over again and take some notes.  Just because we were supposed to start off cheering for one couple doesn’t mean that couple is supposed to be together.

hart-of-dixie-the-kiss-560x373I guess I’ve been putting this off long enough.   The Kiss.  They kissed guys, George and Zoe kissed.  Twice.  Once was in a dream so it doesn’t count and the other was because apparently Tansy felt that by George not wanting to kiss Zoe it meant he did really want to kiss her.  Girl logic, I don’t get it either.  Actually nevermind that isn’t girl logic.  That was what the hell are you thinking logic.  I like George Tucker.  I like Zoe Hart.  I do not like George Tucker and Zoe Hart.  I didn’t know kisses could be that dull between 2 people who are supposedly secretly lusting after each other.  Tansy, girl, the next time your man has an opportunity to kiss another girl do not push him to do it.  Actually never mind because if George and Zoe keep kissing like that they’ll get as bored as I was watching it and stop on their own.


Stray Observations:

It wasn’t until I saw the previews for next week’s episode that I realized I hadn’t missed a conversation that explained why Brick was being so dodgy with Shelby.  BTW how amazing is Laura Bell Bundy?

Excuse me while I demand all religious holidays off.

You have not seen Shakespeare until you have seen it performed with really bad Southern accents.

I’m a sucker for a guy who can make roadkill edible.

They named their bees.  Seriously too freaking cute.


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