Interview with the Artist of the Week: Tiffany Houghton

Tiffany was born in Texas, and now resides in Nashville, TN. She released her self titled EP in 2012, and is currently working on a full-length album. Read our interview with Tiffany below. We discuss Music Row, Wicked, and the effects of having ADD while cooking in the kitchen. You can view her full feature here.

How did you originally get into singing?

“My mother loves to tell this story! I started singing when I was really young. I actually began singing before I could even talk. I would sing myself to sleep at night [laughs]. I would also put on neighborhood concerts. I put up pieces of paper on all the trees I could find inviting the neighbors to come watch me sing in my front yard. I really had a passion for music at a young age. I got involved with music more professionally when I was ten. I went to New York and participated in different Broadway Camps. I also auditioned for a lot of shows and musicals.”


You’ve lived all of over the US (Texas, New York and now Nashville). Which has been your favorite state?

“I would have to say Nashville. I absolutely love Texas, because that’s where my family is. I’m really close with everyone in my family. But, today’s a gorgeous day, so maybe I’m just saying Nashville because of the sunshine [laughs]. No, I really do love Nashville! It’s a great city. You can drive a few minutes away from the city and feel like you’re out in the country. Everything is close together, and it’s a small town. I love it!”


What’s one thing about Nashville that surprised you?

“The first time I came to Nashville I was 15. I’d always heard about Music Row. I watched CMT and GAC growing up, and I expected Nashville to have these HUGE buildings for record labels and have sort of a NYC kinda feel. But, when I saw Music Row it was very underwhelming. The architecture looked more like homes instead of NYC business buildings.  Some labels did have enormous buildings, but they weren’t on Music Row. I was expecting Music Row to be ostentatious, but instead it’s a very humble street filled with studios and offices. I loved that surprise!”


You did a lot of Broadway. What’s the last Broadway play you saw? What’s your favorite Broadway play?

“When we went to New York, we actually drove from Texas, and we listened to the Wicked soundtrack the entire way! I really love the music, and the story of Wicked. I think it’s a very well written play. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to understand why it holds such a special place in my heart. I love the lessons it teaches. In January I saw Wicked again for the sixth or seventh time [laughs], and it’s still my favorite. It’s just so well done. 


What’s your favorite song from Wicked?

“Defying Gravity. Definitely! I’ll roll down my windows when I’m driving and sing that song. It always makes me feel inspired and hopeful.”


You have your TiffTreats YouTube videos. What got you into cooking?

“I graduated High School early, and came to Nashville right before I turned 18. My mom is a great cook, and I grew up on home cooked meals and family dinners. But, growing up I didn’t really spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So when I moved, and was living alone, I was like “what the heck am I going to eat?” [Laughs]. I like to eat at home, I don’t like eating out every night. So I decided I needed to figure out how to cook! Eating lean cuisine every night wasn’t working. I had my manager over and she asked me why my house smelled like it was on fire? I told her I was just figuring out how to not burn things. I’d walk out of the room for a minute, and then I’d come back and there would be smoke EVERYWHERE [laughs]. I was clueless in the kitchen. I think my ADD got to me a little bit. I would start something and forget all about it. My food would turn into charcoal 

After all my cooking debacles, I decided I wanted to do something for my fans, so I created TiffTreats. I’ve learned the only things I’m good at cooking are foods with sugar in them! I’m more excited to eat desserts so I pay closer attention to them when they’re in the oven. TiffTreats has been a lot of fun! I’m so glad I started it!”


What’s your favorite dish to cook? 

“I really like butternut squash pasta. I get the whole grain pasta and then I cook the sauce, and drizzle it over the noodles. I’ll add pesto chicken or plain chicken to it. I love it! It’s SO good!”


Do you have a favorite song off of your EP?

“All my songs are very true and honest to my life and my story. The lyrics came out of my journal. At different times different songs are more important/special to me. Right now, I would have to say “Different” is my favorite. I think we all feel different, at some point in our lives, and there’s nothing more rewarding than having a fan say to me “your song got me through a difficult time. It gave me hope.” That brings me so much joy. I really needed to know that it was okay to be different when I wrote that song, and to hear that it affects my fans in the same way it affected me is amazing. It’s wonderful.”


Plans to release a full length album?

“Yes! I’m working with a couple different people right now trying to figure out my sound, and what I want instrumentally. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be defined as musically, but I think I’ve recently figured it out. I’m looking forward to releasing new music! 


Lightning Round:


Favorite ARTTM song? “First Kiss.”


Favorite Disney movie? “The Lion King.”


Favorite Nicholas Sparks book? “I really like The Guardian.” 


Favorite song to cover? “Landslide by The Dixie Chicks.”


Favorite Holiday? “Christmas.”


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