'Rookie Blue' Coming Soon to a Recap Near You



Rookie Blue is a Canadian police drama that has been airing on ABC for the past 3 summers and will be back once again for their 4th season beginning May 23rd.  Except this time Honest Reviews Corner will be following along with each of the 13 episodes.  Will Sam and Andy be able to find there way back to each other?  How is Nash doing since her fiancee, Jerry, died?  Are Gail and Nick still together?  What kind of trouble will Dov find himself in this year?  How is Chris handling juggling fatherhood and being a police officer?  Is Officer Oliver Shaw still freaking awesome?  All these questions and so much more to be answered soon.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvbZMCxYsGg]
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