Short Story Review: Three Nights by Ben Asper

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 5.58.22 PMThree Nights by Ben Asper

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Short Story

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Three Nights by Ben Asper is a freaky tale of mystery, horror and ingenuity. It features our secretive and stealthy main character Edgar, and an insight into his thoughts and mind, a mind that is not particularly normal. Edgar seems to be a perfectly ordinary man, but the further you read into this short story, the darker and more twisted his thoughts become, keeping you interested until the very end.

The intentions of Edgar throughout the story are not quite clear, but you know that they are definitely dark and quite possibly a bit sick. He finds his way into the attic of a small family’s house, calling it his ‘vacation’, as he strangely experiences the lives of the four people living there. Is he going to kill them? Is he going to become them? Is he going to capture them all and tie them up in the basement? Maybe he’s even going to let them live… you just aren’t sure until the end.

The writing style of Asper is captivating and quite fascinating, told from Edgar’s point of view as he considers each move he makes and allusions to his previous ‘vacations’ and how he has learned from them; it tells us that Edgar is extremely experienced in what he does.

This is a brilliant and shocking piece, Asper has obviously put a lot of effort into creating the mind of Edgar, someone whose thoughts keep you entertained all the way through, and not necessarily in a good way. Three Nights is definitely a recommended read for those who are into horror and mystery, and the unique understanding of a mind like Edgar’s marks a great and ambitious author such as Ben Asper.

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