'Survivor' 26.12 – "The Beginning of the End" — Who to Blindside First?


Last week on Survivor was the classic food auction reward where Cochran got an advantage in the immunity challenge giving him the opportunity for a second win, leading to Malcolm being voted out and becoming the third member of the Jury.


Immunity One

Although everyone is excited for another cool reward it is only immunity and tribal. Everyone will balance on a triangular platform in the water with their feet perched on small ledges. At regular intervals of fifteen minutes, they must move their feet up to the next interval. Along with winning immunity they also get a clue to help them in the game. How curious!


After everyone is standing Jeff Probst brings them some food they can leave for. Erik and Eddie step out of the challenge right away with the donuts and milk. When they bring it up to the second perch Cochran jumps off for hot dogs and pop. After thirty minutes they are on the third perch, right at the top which quickly has it down to Reynold, Brenda, and Andrea. After Reynold makes some incredible saves to keep himself in there he falls off. Three hours into the challenge Brenda and Andrea are still there. Everyone wants them to make a deal but neither one is budging. They decide to make their own fourth stage of lifting their left legs so they only stand on one leg which leaves Andrea as the last woman standing.

vo_reynoldTribal Council One

When Andrea finds out the clue is for the hidden immunity idol she involves the rest of her alliance. When Erik finds it he immediately hands it over to Andrea which has Cochran a little upset. Cochran is definitely getting more cocky but I’m enjoying this different side to him. Andrea starts contemplating blindsiding Brenda because she’s big competition and turns to Cochran and Dawn to aid in making that happen. I just hope she discussed it with Eddie and Reynold quickly to get them to help in that quest.

Erik and Sherri both pick up a vote along with 2 for Eddie, leaving 4 for Reynold sending him to the Jury.

Who to Blindside First?

Although they didn’t do the big blindside this time, Andrea still has a plan. This time, she wants to vote out either Dawn or Brenda. Dawn would betray anyone which is difficult to be allied with while Brenda is a threat in challenges. Cochran doesn’t like that as Dawn is his best ally so as he’s chatting with Brenda and Dawn about who to vote off he rats out Andrea’s plans to them which immediately switches their thoughts to chucking her. Suddenly no one is really considering getting rid of Eddie, which is great for him!

Immunity Challenge Two

S2612_IMMUNITYCHALLFUNCLIM_thumb_640x360Push a buoy through a series of obstacles to get a key to unlock a chest of ladder rungs. First to climb the ladder and release their flag will win immunity. Seems simple enough. Erik, Eddie and Brenda are making fast time with Erik at the key first. Sherri slows down quickly. Andrea and Eddie are quickly working on the knots with Erik still finishing it first. Andrea has opened her chest first. Andrea and Brenda have their first rungs of the ladder. Cochran, Eddie, and Erik have the first pieces. Brenda has three along with Erik. Erik pushed ahead with four, five, six, seven. Brenda has just got her fourth. Erik only has two left and makes quick work of those to win immunity. The last time Erik won immunity was also the first time, when he gave it away and got voted out. Hopefully there’s no chance he’ll do that again!

Tribal Council

Survivor-Caramoan-Episode-12-Recap-and-Results-The-Beginning-of-the-End-02-2013-05-01Erik has no thoughts of giving his immunity idol up this time which is good. Andrea is confident in her plans to vote off Brenda while Cochran and Brenda try to split the votes to chuck off Andrea. Eddie thinks he’s safe for once in this entire season which must be nice for him.

Andrea didn’t play her idol which was a bad move for her. Although both Brenda and Eddie got two votes apiece, Andrea had three which sent her home causing both Reynold and Malcolm to get really excited in the Jury. I’m happy to see that everyone voted with Cochran’s plan the way they were supposed to, with only Andrea and Eddie going for Brenda. Too bad Eddie is still going to be on the outs.


Survivor is starting to get really intense as the real strategy surfaces. I love that Erik has found his voice in the season, I’d really love to see him at the finale…

Next Week is the last weekly Wednesday night episode before the Sunday night finale! Numbers are dwindling as people consider getting rid of Cochran. Erik is desperate for food, even dangerously climbing trees for something. Finally we also have the family time next episode which will probably cause some breakdowns.

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