Another 'Shameless' Star Lands a Movie

600full-jeremy-allen-whiteIt looks like another one of those Gallagher kids are headed to the movies.  This time it’s the oldest boy Lip played by Jeremy Allen White. It has been reported that White has landed the lead role in Dreamworks ‘Glimmer’.  ‘Glimmer’ is a found footage movie, as was seen used in Josh Trank’s 2012 film ‘Chronicle,’ and centers around a group of teens who find a portal which leads them to getting stuck in the 1970’s with horrible results.

White has had numerous supporting roles in such films as ‘Twelve’ and last years ‘Movie 43’ however this will be his first role as lead.  ‘Glimmer’ is being directed by Ringan Ledwidge and was written by Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie) and Carter Blanchard (Good vs. Evil).  At this time White’s costar’s have not been announced nor has a film start date been set.  Filming of “Shameless’ 4th season is expected to begin in September.

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