AWKWARD. Episode 3.09 “Reality Check” Recap – Fantasies & Bitch Wars.


Obviously, Matty and Jenna are not on the same page anymore – even if Matty hasn’t quite caught on yet [or Jenna, for that matter]. As adorbs as they are together, it probably won’t be too long before they’re changing their Facebook statuses to “Single”. We know it’s just good TV – happy couples never stay happy for long if you’re hoping to keep viewers guessing [though Jakara is still going strong] – but I can’t help but feel bad for Matty.

Jenna and Matty in AWKWARD. 3.09 Reality CheckThis may prove to be a bad move, but Jenna and Collin’s attraction towards each other is combustible. Jenna is so caught up in the idea of Collin that she is now unable to think about anyone else – least of all her complacent boyfriend Matty. Though Matty is blissfully oblivious, Sadie Saxton isn’t about to miss out on some good Homewrecker Hamilton drama to distract herself from her own family’s trouble. Seeing the chemistry and flirting between Jenna and Collin, Sadie threatens to tell Matty everything.

Jenna and Sadie in AWKWARD. 3.09 Reality CheckTheir creative writing teacher makes them come up with a fantasy, which Jenna is supposed to design based on her losing her virginity [to Matty]. When the assignment gives Jenna a bad case of writers’ block, Collin gives her some help – whether intentionally or otherwise – that results in Jenna’s paper being so far from the truth that it’s quite clear to everyone – but Matty – that the fantasy is about Collin.

Sadie tries to warn Matty, but he still doesn’t see it – even after reading it for himself. Just when Jenna is feeling guilty enough to come clean about the whole situation, Matty distracts her by making her fantasy come to life – albeit without Collin. Jenna is touched, and with that both Sadie and Collin lose this round.

Ming and Fred Wu in AWKWARD. 3.09 Reality CheckMeanwhile, Becca finally found out about Ming dating Fred Wu. In retaliation, Becca had him framed for some sort of cheating ring at his school, making him have to be shipped off to Idaho. So, he and Ming are broken up – unsurprisingly. For her part, Ming spends most of the episode thinking she’s still several steps ahead of Becca’s “Asian bitch” schemes, but soon realizes how wrong she is – at which point Ming just opts to go “white bitch” on Becca and girl fight with her instead of worrying about trying to outsmart her.

The Asian Bitches in AWKWARD. 3.09 Reality CheckI guess Ming’s got an arm on her because she manages to knock Becca flat out. When Becca tries to complain to Val about Ming, we learn that all the other Asians in the school have pulled together to take Ming’s side – happy to finally see someone take Becca down a few notches. I’m just wondering if this now means that Ming is the new Head-Asian-Bitch-In-Charge…. I guess we’ll have to wait til next week to see.

Where has this season gone? As next week will run the 10th episode “Redefining Jenna” and the Awkward. Aftershow, it seems as though we’ve already hit the end Season 3. It’s hard to believe. Anyway, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Sadie’s efforts to break up Matty and Jenna – though she may not have too much to do, as I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Collin and Jenna’s flirting. Check out the teaser trailer below and don’t miss the new episode next Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 10/9pm on MTV, with the Aftershow immediately following.

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