Pretty Little Liars – A is for A-L-I-V-E – Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 A is for Alive

Pretty Little Liars returned tonight with the season 4 premiere. The biggest question on everyone’s mind tonight? What’s in the trunk? After months and months of build up, it has to be something good right? And by good, we mean jaw-droppingly awesome.

Let’s jump right into it. The answer to the biggest question of the night. What’s in the trunk:

And the big reveal is…

A pig.

A PIG. Months and months of build up and it’s a smelly, dead pig. I almost hurled my remote at the TV. That couldn’t be it could it?

Thankfully, the writers at least delivered a twist for us when the girls drive by Wilden’s car the next morning and discover his dead body lying next to it. Wilden is dead. Bye bye Wilden. We hardly knew ye. I’m kidding, I’m totally ready for you to leave.

A saved the girls from the fire so they could set them up for Wilden’s murder. He was shot multiple times and moved after he was killed. Now it’s time for a Pretty Little Sleepover. The girls want Mona to hand over the video chip she took from Wilden’s car and a whole lot of answers. This season was billed as the season of answers so here’s what we’ve got:

  • Shana loves Jenna. They’re both afraid of Melissa.
  • Lucas gave Emily that massage way back in the day. Um. Okay.
  • Mona didn’t push Ian off of the bell tower. She doesn’t know who did. Of course.
  • Wilden, not Ezra (sigh) was the Queen of Hearts. There was a second Queen of Hearts. Mona tells the girls it was Melissa but the video cuts out right before we see her face.

Mrs. Dilaurentis is back and she’s pretty creepy. When she’s not standing in Alison’s room staring at Spencer, she’s rebuilding Alison’s room exactly the way it was. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Ali’s mom was in on it because she blames the girls? Or maybe mental illness just runs in that family. Jason is not dead. Woohoo! He’s down south filming Devious Maids renovating his grandmother’s house.

Ezra and Aria are still doing their back and forth thing. There was a glorious moment in this episode where we see Aria being confronted by the principal with pictures of her and Ezra sleeping together and Ezra is being hauled off to prison. It was a wonderful few minutes because I finally thought their storyline had gone somewhere interesting. But alas. It was but a daydream.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4

When A isn’t busy having the girls dig around Wilden’s casket for a cell phone, with a recent call to or from Hanna’s mom, they’re torturing poor Toby about his mother. A blackmails Toby for Mona’s lair in exchange for information on what happened to his mother.

In other news, Jenna believes she’s in deep poop, and wants a message delivered to Toby. She never meant to hurt him. And she’s sporting a wicked burn on her arm. There’s a new detective in town and it’s a scene very reminiscent of the Pilot episode. Here we go again.

There is now a shift between the girls. Half of them believe they saw Alison and the others didn’t. At the end of the episode, we see A taking off their funeral outfit to reveal they are wearing an Alison mask with half the face burned.

Did the girls really see Alison? Was it just the mask? What did you think of the premiere? Post your thoughts below!

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