'The Bachelorette' 9.03 Brings Drama, But Not From Who You Expect


Last week, Desiree went on dates with Brooks and Bryden along with a big group date. This week changes things up by having two group dates and a one on one. Previews for this episode also showed a big, dramatic event with another woman. What was that all about? Read on to find out!


Chris, Ryan, Drew, Brooks, Brad, Mikey, Brandon, Zak K, and Ben are on the first group date, love is a battlefield. She brings them on a date to play some intense dodgeball games. Intimidating men show them just how hard they can throw the balls, and then there’s a quick game between the professionals and the bachelors. I love that Desiree wanted to see the guys competing and interacting with each other because it’s definitely fun to see them goofing around, but she wasn’t involved in any of this competition. Suddenly, Chris Harrison walks in and announces that they’ll play each other for who gets to continue onto the evening festivities.


Mickey, Michael, Brooks, Chris, and Brandon are on red and everyone else is on blue. Not only are these guys wearing skimpy outfits but they’re playing in public. I love that they created some silly huddle chants before the game, getting to see silly moments is always the best. Blue team won first round but red won the second one. The third game starts when Brooks has broken his finger really badly. In the end, blue team wins but Desiree brings everyone anyway. She’s upset that he’s at the hospital and missing out on everything but she doesn’t seem too fazed when they’re all drinking and chatting. Unsurprisingly, Brooks does show up later in the evening with his finger wrapped up so he can have some time with Des. Who the hell is this Brad guy? We clearly haven’t seen much from him yet, but while they chat he reveals that he has a 3 year old son Madox. Why would you ever ask someone if they miss their son, of course they do! There’s a fake domestic violence charge… This is all very dramatic but during their discussions he seems really sweet. I’d definitely keep him, especially because that’s a really big thing he told her. Chris takes her up to the roof where they chat for a little and he must have impressed her because he ended up getting the rose. They get to go down for a private concert afterward where the other guys see them kissing and dancing.

Brian, Holly, Desiree, and Chris Harrison

Suddenly Desiree gets a phone call from Chris Harrison about one of the men and she rushes over to the house to confront him. Although previews from previous episodes had hinted that Ben was the one with a girlfriend back home it turns out to be Brian, one of the nobodies, that is creating this drama. Without saying she knows about his girlfriend, Des asks him a few questions to see if he’ll fess up on his own. Of course he doesn’t, and is then confronted with not only an angry Des and disgusted Chris, but also a hurt girlfriend, Holly. She yells at Brian for a few minutes and ignores most of Chris’ attempts to calm her down and bring it back to being a discussion before Des says she won’t keep Brian in the house. The guys had all been watching through the windows since Desiree’s arrival and their attempts at acting normal when everyone walks back into the room fail miserably. Security goes upstairs with Brian as he collects his things as Desiree starts her date with Kasey.

DESIREE HARTSOCK, KASEYThis was definitely an unfortunate start to a date, and it never picks up to show any chemistry between them. During the day they get into harnesses and dangle off the side of a building doing some ‘dance’ thing which shows off Des’ goofy side while Kasey is uninteresting. In the evening, they try to sit and chat on a roof but a big wind storm stops any chance of that and sends them into the pool for some awkward glances before Kasey dives in for a kiss. Chemistry seemed nonexistent but she still gave him the rose, probably due to the fact that they had no chance to chat so why not keep him around.



This will be a cute wedding photo for Juan Pablo and Desiree

The second group date consists of James, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Bryden, and Bob. Instead of getting picked up in the Bentley or a limo, the find themselves in the back of a stage coach before arriving at a country-western set. Desiree is standing up in a balcony as they greet her from below when a man pops up and attacks her before she throws a few punches and kicks him to the ground. A shocking entrance but definitely self-explanatory, today the men will be learning stunts before trying to impress Des to get one on one time. The men look really hot in the outfits, and some of them were great on the horses. Each of their little skits were funny. Zak W had a few good one liners, James split his pants when getting on the horse, and Juan Pablo spoke entirely in Spanish. The Spanish-speaking won Des’ one on one time (as it should), so they got to sit and watch The Lone Ranger in a cozy barn together. Were they really watching the film? No, there were lots of distractions as he fed her popcorn and provided some spectacularly hot make out sessions. There’s a reason I like him, and he’ll definitely be staying for a while.

After the one on one time there’s an evening section so everyone gets their time with her. Zak W is goofy around her and they laugh about him failed attempt at going in for a kiss. I finally realized why everyone likes Bryden from their cute one on one time, when he’s comfortable and starts talking he’s great! The time Des spent with James was the only emotional time, and because he needed some reassurance she gave him the group rose.

Another change up in the episode occurred when Chris Harrison revealed that instead of the usual cocktail party before the rose ceremony, this time there would be a pool party. I guess the producers decided we needed more daylight moments and there wasn’t enough bikini-clad Des time. As she shows up to the house Ben steals her away for a short drive before they separately go into the house. Mikey and Michael G both saw them do this, so when Ben was saying he had yet to get his Des time they got frustrated. The fact that Ben is lying is what pisses me off, couldn’t he just be honest because no one would have been frustrated if he’d said they did that. On the other hand, Chris who had a rose from the first group date, said he didn’t want to take up Des’ time with the rose-less men. What a great guy he is! Brandon gets some alone time with Des where he tells her he’s starting to fall in love with her. There always has to be one person that is falling too quick and let’s the girl or guy know WAY too soon. If he’d held back a little longer he may have been able to stay in the show. It’s unfortunate because I liked him too! Oh well, no one wants a needy guy on the show. As Desiree was sending Brandon home she got emotional and followed him out to try and describe why she sent him home. If she’s already getting emotional it’s going to be one cry-fest of a season!

Another group date 2 photo
Another group date 2 photo

Chris (group), Kasey (1on1), James (group), Bryden, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Brooks, Drew, Zack K, Brad, Michael G, Mikey, and Ben all get roses to continue on to next week.

I do like Des though, and am excited to see her continue on this quest to find love. One thing I definitely enjoy is that she hasn’t changed since being on The Bachelorette. Most people have this issue where they go from being loveable while dating the bachelor or bachelorette, and then they get their own show to find love and they lose their allure because they get too much exposure. This week my favourites changed a bit as well. I’ve been liking Brandon, Zak W, and Juan Pablo, but this week with Brandon “falling” for Desiree so soon I lost my interest in him. Getting to see interaction between Juan Pablo and Zak W kept both of them in my favourites, and Bryden gained some staying power but he hasn’t pushed all the way onto that list yet.

Next episode there’s an amusement park, sand castle, helicopters, and a Mr America pageant. More drama ensues between Ben and the other men in the house, but this time Bryden is getting involved.

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