'Veronica Mars' Mac's Back!

69627When I started watching Veronica Mars I could never wrap my head around the fact that the bad-ass private eye girl on-screen had ever been friends with Lily Kane. Now that isn’t mean to be a disparaging remark against Lily because I liked her, but she just didn’t seem to go well with the version of Veronica I had come to know and love.

Which is completely understandable considering that the girl who was friend’s with Lily stopped existing the moment Lily was killed. So it wasn’t until they introduced Cindy “Mac” MacKenzie that I felt that at last Veronica had a real girl friend. Don’t get me wrong Wallace is and was great.

I love Wallace with all my heart, but having Mac there brought the Veronica Mars friendship square to a close. There was Veronica, Wallace, Weevil, and Mac. Well I am pleased to say that according to Rob Thomas Tina Majorino will once again be portraying the computer savvy Mac in the Veronica Mars movie.

Filming on the movie begins in 5 days with a projected release date in early 2014. As of now there is no word on whether Jackie Cook (played by Tessa Thompson), Dick Casablancas (played by Ryan Hansen), or Parker Lee (played by Julie Gonzalo) will be reprising their roles.

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