Review: Jack Skuller 'Someone Else'

Jack Skuller


17-year-old Jack Skuller is no stranger to the stage. Having toured the U.S. with the likes of Radio Disney, Skuller puts his own spin on commercial pop, adding a distinctly blues-y flare that is reminiscent of the Everly Brothers and the Black Keys (both of which Skuller counts among his influences). ‘Someone Else’ starts off with a light blues riff with a certain pop sensibility, it straddles the line between blues and pop – blues-y enough to add a certain edge to an otherwise mainstream pop track, but pop enough to attract a mainstream audience – and Skuller does a good job of maintaining that balance throughout. The New York Post has hailed Skuller as “a mini-Jack White” and, whether or not one agrees with such a comparison, one thing that’s clear is that Skuller does have a bright future ahead.


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