‘Rookie Blue’ Episode 4.06 "Skeletons"

Diaz is gone. Really gone. I knew he was leaving. When you’re a fan of Canadian and/or British programming you get used to characters leaving with no muss or fuss. At least I though I was used to it, but somehow my American way of watching TV still dominates because a part of me actually thought there would be some last-minute, music-swelling moment where Diaz realizes what a colossal mistake he is about to make and changes his mind. What a huge, sentimental sap I’ve turned out to be.
Ok enough of that. For weeks now I have complained that Rookie Blue was starting to turn in to the Andy McNally show and I missed the other characters. Well I am pleased to say “Skeletons” was the Nash, Peck, and Swarek show. Hell they even threw in some Oliver and Dov action in for good measure. Oliver….baby, I’m so sorry. Your wife didn’t deserve you. Do you need a hug? Yes folks, that’s right I am a tad bit delusional and after weeks of Oliver hinting that life at home was not the picnic he hoped for it was confirmed by his admission that he left her. Not only that, but apparently she’s in love with another man. What a bitch! On the other hand it brought Oliver and Dov back together and now that Diaz is gone they both could use a buddy to drink and hang out with while watching hockey or something else guys do.

Like for instance Detective Luke Callaghan who enjoys long walks on the beach, playing Super Smash Bros, and solving the kidnappings of young women. It sucks that now that he and McNally are no longer together we only see him once or twice a season. Surely there has to be a place for him somewhere other than second fiddle. If any one knows what it feels like to play second fiddle its Office Gail Peck. Granted she never should have cheated on Collins, but despite any evidence to the contrary she knew Collins had fallen for McNally. Sometimes you just know and then to have to face the guy that not only kidnapped you, but killed a fellow officer who was beloved by everybody I say she deserves to be cut a little slack.

Someone else who deserves a little slack is Swarek. Sometimes I forget how much losing Jerry messed him up. There was a reason Swarek and McNally ended and it wasn’t because they didn’t love each other. Having to see how close to the surface that pain for Swarek still is just serves as a reminder that all is not well in his world. This is a guy in mourning. The same way Nash is still in mourning. Sure they both put on airs that they are moving on with life. Swarek by being in a relationship with a nice, dependable, and stable woman (no snickering) and Nash by throwing herself into her work. And then a young woman gets kidnapped and the cracks in their armor begin to show. The pain starts to bubble up. It’s not over-flowing yet, at least not for Swarek, but now we know that the pain is there and so does McNally and Cruz.
Nash has a kid! Gail has a brother! How did I forget these very important details? Granted Detective Steve Peck was last scene in 2010 and a lot has happened since then, but to forget Nash had a kid is simply unforgivable. In my defense Nash has barely been in any scenes or had any lines this season. I know, it’s weak. Will it make it better if I say I’m beyond giddy that Nash had a real storyline this time? And, and she had lines, a bunch of them. She had more lines this episode than McNally did. I know. It blew my mind too. As random as it may have seemed to have Nash spew feelings and confessions all over Peck it made sense because he isn’t anything to her. Hell she didn’t even remember him in the beginning and sometimes it’s easier to be honest with a stranger than it is with your best friend. I can only hope that we continue to see more of Nash and how she handles the process of moving on with her life.

Story bites from “Skeleton”

Luke, come back soon. Don’t be a stranger.

Reason #6 that I am starting to love Chloe: “I think everyone is a little messed up in their own way, okay. It is what makes the world so interesting.”

I miss Noelle, but I’m glad Frank is starting to get some more screen time.

“Man on hood!”

I never, ever want anyone to make me a Mac-n-Cheese Puff Pie, but I could go for an apple pie.

Who kidnapped the girl was pretty obvious from the beginning. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t watch this show for the crime of the week storyline.

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