'Under the Dome' Episode 1.03 "Manhunt"


The third installment on the continuing story of the inhabitants of Chester’s Mill was lets face it kind of ….meh.  That’s right I said it was meh.  The only thing that saved me from dozing off in the middle of Manhunt is anytime a character blamed the dome for someone going crazy I heard Milli Vanilli’s “Blame it on the Rain” go through my mind.  Of course I doubt that’s what was going through Ofc. Crazy’s mind or Evil Prince Junior’s.

Oh I’m sorry he wants to be called James now.  I can’t really blame him, Junior is a little boy’s name and it is really hard to say it without being patronizing when you are talking to a grown man.    On the other hand he is keeping Angie hostage and can barely walk 3 steps without doing something smarmy.  So are we supposed to be creeped out by Junior or amused by him?  Cause I’ve got to admit I’m in the latter group.  Any time he is on-screen I expect him to look in to the camera and gives the audience his best Mr. Burns impression.   Which would be fitting considering The Simpsons predicted the dome coming down in 2007.

ManhuntRaise your hand if you were surprised that Big Jim is a bully to his own kid.  I’m pretty sure we could all see that coming a mile away.  What I didn’t see coming, and had inaccurately predicted a Big Jim-Barbie connection in the first episode, was that Big Jim had no idea who Barbie was.  He also didn’t seem too upset that Barbie had supposedly attacked Junior for no reason what so ever.  Not that I blame him, Junior is a douche.

Barbie you may want to be a little more careful where you leave your map marking the exact spot you buried a dead body and why in the hell would you have a map anyways?  Wouldn’t it be better if you say, oh I don’t know, forgot where the body was?  Plausible deniability and all that.  But hell if you are going to keep going off with people you don’t know in search of crazy cops you probably aren’t all that worried about your safety in the first place.  Especially considering that Ofc. Crazy isn’t the only person in Chester’s Mill not playing with a full deck.

That skater kid may want to consider laying off the recreational activities.  Why else would he think it’s a smart idea to invite a group of kids to a house to sap whatever energy is left in the generator at Joe’s house.  On the other hand it did give Joe the opportunity to stand up to the town’s obligatory jackass in front of the lying kleptomaniac goth chic so maybe skater boy did something right after all.

Look out everyone there’s a new sheriff in town and her name is Linda Esquivel.  Sheriff Linda doesn’t take crap from Big Jim or Ofc. Crazy.  In fact she shot that idiot.  If I were Big Jim my two main concerns would be Linda finding out I’m a drug making baddie and that the town Reverend/Coroner is a coked-up baddie that would throw me under the bus to save his own ass.  Oh, and that my psycho kid who just so happens to have kidnapped and is holding a girl prisoner is going to kill me in my sleep.  Poor Big Jim.

Stray Observations:

Goth girl was giving Joe some major “screw me eyes”.

It’s okay everyone Earl the homophobic angel is here to save you if he doesn’t get smacked down by Carolyn first.

Speaking of Carolyn, she is going to get something to do soon right?

You saw a bullet bounce off the dome so your first thought is to pound on it with your ineffectual fists?

Dear Julia, If someone gives you the heebie-jeebies you do not follow them in to deserted under ground tunnels.

Seizure Twin Powers Activate!



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