William H. Macy joins the cast of 'Walter'

William H Macy (6)Versatile actor of both the stage and screen William H. Macy has joined the cast of the indie drama Walter a film adapted from the short story written by Paul Shoulberg.   According to Deadline filming has already begun and joining Macy will be costars with Virginia Madsen, Peter Facinelli, Justin Kirk, and Andrew J. West.

Walter, played by West, is the story of a young man who believes he is the son of God and that the people he meets are his responsibility.  Walter’s life gets decidedly more complicated when he meets a stranger who forces him to take a look at his life and what is really important.  The drama is being directed by Anna Mastro and produced by Mark and Christina Holder with Brendan Patrick Hill, Ryan Harris and Benito Mueller.

Macy was last seen on the big screen in 2012’s drama The Sessions starring Helen Hunt and John Hawkes.  He will soon be seen in the film Rudderless, where he also directed, starring Selena  Gomez, Anton Yelchin, Jamie Chung, and Laurence Fishburne.  Macy is expected to return to the role of Frank Gallagher in the drama Shameless when it begins shooting its upcoming 4th season this fall.

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